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Quiet birthdays (#SFWApro)

Mine was Saturday, and as usual, a quiet one. Which is not a complaint.

For a long time, due to the schedules of the people I hung with (and the fact one of them had a birthday two weeks earlier), I never actually celebrated on my birthday. It was always earlier. Over time, I’d grown to hate that. So being able to celebrate on the day, with my wife, is pretty cool for me. We snuggled, I chilled and read, chilled and watched a movie (we caught Logan Sunday) and went out to dinner at Sage, my favorite restaurant.

For my birthday gift, TYG got me exactly what I’d asked for: the test from to find out my genetic background. It just arrived in the mail, and I’m looking forward to it.

Next year, when I hit the big 6-0, I intend to do something bigger to mark the passage of time. But for 59? My birthday was good.

And while it has nothing to do with my birthday, here’s a cool book cover, based on the Westworld poster (all rights to image reside with current holder). The book isn’t a novel, just Crichton’s script for the film, which he wrote and directed.


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Book covers I like, including some fake ones (#SFWApro)

Carrie Fisher’s passing prompted Timothy Anderson to capture the original trilogy as old-school paperbacks:

Then we have What If Salvador Dali Did A Cover For Keith Laumer?

I like this one. No relation to Alas Babylon.

A mystery novel.

One by Powers, more realistic than his usual work.

His usual work.

All rights remain with current copyright holders. If I didn’t name the artist, it’s uncredited.

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Book cover art for Friday morning (#SFWApro)

leodianedillonThis weird-looking one is by Leo and Diane Dilon.

dailyb-1Great Michael Whelan cover (aren’t they all) for a clunky Lovecraftian novel.

frazettaFrazetta draws Bradbury.

bob-brownAnd because I love impossible-doorway images, here’s a comics cover by Bob Brown.

All rights to each image reside with current holder

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Merry Christmas, readers mine (#SFWApro)

That’s all I have to say. Book reviews and comments on Christmas Day will come later in the week. For today, just enjoy Christmas — or if you’re not someone who celebrates it, I hope you enjoy something good just the same.

To mark the day, here’s one of my favorite Christmas covers, by the great Nicholas Cardy.


Here’s one by John Byrne.

christmassuperheroes1I’m not sure who the artist is on this one.

hellboychristmas1And Pascual Ferry provides the cover for this Howard the Duck special.

howardduckholidayspecial1And that’s it for me today. See y’all post-Christmas! All rights to the covers remain with the current holders.

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Covers I like (#SFWApro)

Saturday we had the writers’ group Christmas party, and I’m not completely back up to snuff. So here are some covers to make a post. First a weirdly psychedelic one from Kelly Freas. As you can tell from the yellow block, only the seventh novel out from DAW books.

dailybAnother Kelly Freas for DAW. #82 this time. Striking, though heavy on the eye-candy aspect (see the pretty girl helpless before the male gaze!).

freasArtist unknown. I quite like this one, and it captures the odd feel of the book well.


And now a couple of comics covers. First a creepy one by Neal Adams

detective408Then a monster cover by Dick Dillin, who did a lot of DC’s better monster covers in the Silver Age.

housemystery139All rights to all covers and images reside with current holders. I should be back to posts with more words tomorrow.

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Floating on the surface rather than anchored down (#SFWApro)

Which is to say my brain is still tired from the week’s work, but it’s just normal tired rather than the utter exhaustion I was feeling midweek. So no book reviews today unless I get lively and post later.

Normally I have my blog posts written well in advance but the demands of proofing and indexing made that impossible this month. I’d figured on catching up Saturday, but I caught up on everything else instead:

•Making chocolate chip scones for a party.

•Sending out a couple more invites to our writers’ group Christmas party (I want to make sure everyone at least knows so nobody thinks they’ve been slighted). And posting directions for everyone.

•Buying pet food.

•Shopping for some Christmas gifts for TYG.

•Wrapping gifts and putting them under the tree.

•Watching some Christmassy stuff (of course).

•Playing with dogs.

Plus my brain was still pretty wiped from the week’s work. But like the title says, I feel mo

As compensation, here’s a cover by Patrick Woodruffe to see. He did a lot of work on Michael Moorcock covers during the 1970s—other stuff as well, but Moorcock’s where I know him best from.


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This week, in two images (#SFWApro)

Working on the index, most of the time, I felt like this. Spider-Man, not the giant hands about to crush him (art by John Buscema). They’re the index.

amazingspiderman067But I’d catch my wind and then I’d feel ready for a project to flatten! Art by Chuck Patton.

justiceleague235And now it’s done. Just a little tidying up to do and the whole book’s done. But I’m too fried to detail my struggles now, so I’ll postpone that until another post.

All rights to images reside with current holders.

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