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Cover art for Friday morning (#SFWApro)

First off we have an issue of The Kirby Collector with a Jack Kirby sketch of his heroine, Big Barda.

Next an oddball cover by C. Gross.

Despite the title, The Cosmic Rape is a great book. Cover by Powers.

Next a cover by Mitchell Hooks for a book that inspired one movie and several knockoffs with its story of a millionaire’s disembodied brain wreaking havoc.

One by Emsh.

And one by Jack Gaughan

All rights to all images remain with their current holders.


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Jack Kirby Monster Art (#SFWApro)

Right before Fantastic Four became a hit Marvel’s output variously included teen books, horror and Westerns. Though horror is an exaggeration — the Comics Code had clamped down on horror, so they had to settle for SF and kaijin horror. Alien invaders. Prehistoric monsters. Giant mutants. The scripts were mostly crap, but they did boast art from talents such as Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko. And the covers made them look far more entertaining than they really were. Here, for example, are some Jack Kirby covers.

I know, in hindsight a creature named “shag” seems like a bad idea.

The look of that cover and the distinctive perspective are great.

Monster Breaks Loose was a staple cover image, usually with warnings about how invincible he was and how we were all doomed.

Another with a neat look to it.

And that’s a clever hook.

Covers courtesy of Mike’s Amazing World. You can find info on a lot of the stories at the Marvel Universe Appendix site. All rights to the images remain with current holders.

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Well I suddenly ran out of steam (#SFWApro)

So it’s going to be some cover art again for this morning’s post

Art by Blanchard. Unrealistic, a friend pointed out (there are lots of things that would tower above Lady Liberty), but still striking.

By Bob Foster. These old Ballantine books always seemed like Cool Adult SF to me when I gazed at them as a kid.

An eerie Powers cover.

And one by Joe Magnani

And another Bob Foster for Ballantine.

All rights to the images remains with current holders.

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I survived the nightmare needle! (#SFWApro)

Had my root canal Wednesday. Not as bad as I’d feared: our dentist said I’d come in well before it abscessed, which is when things get seriously nasty. Other than injecting the Novocaine needle into my palate (that hurt!) there was only one moment of pain. Doc knows her stuff.

I have a temporary crown and I’ll go back in two weeks for the finished version. I will have to avoid crunching hard things on that side of my mouth.

As this was my first root canal, I expected much worse. I’m sure glad I have insurance though. But barring me cracking it biting into granola, it looks like I’m in the clear.

To celebrate, let’s look at some covers involving sex! First one by Bob Maguire that I suspect focused more on the “sex” than on a serious study of paganism.

Next an uncredited image for A. Merritt’s thriller — which is not have anywhere near as lurid as the cover implies.

And this one, playing on the perennial fantasy of the hot secretary. Whose outfit seems er, very casual Friday?

Rights to all covers remain with the current holders.


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Cover art for Thursday (#SFWApro)

So yesterday I took off from writing to Get Stuff Done. Bill paying, some items we need to order, contractors to be contacted (so far neither one called me back. Sigh), pet insurance to file, preparing my pension paperwork (the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation has take it over as Freedom News went belly up. Figured I’d better file before Republicans get rid of the PBGC). I got caught up on several such things that I’d fallen behind on. Plus I made rolls (using up the last of some buckwheat flour I’d bought) and pasta sauce (with pasta, but the sauce was the bigger deal). Oh, and I went to the dentist — one reason I picked today to goof off is that I always waste the first couple of writing hours after a doctor’s appointment.

So now I feel like goofing off, and not writing the deep, thoughtful blog post I’d planned for tomorrow so …

First an old paperback (60 cents. Sigh) by C. Gross.

Leo and Diane Dillon provide the cover for a great Clifford Simak novel

This one’s not great but it’s not bad. By Lou Feck.

And one by Paul Lahr. Love the cover, though the one John Boyd book I’ve read (Last Starship From Earth) was disappointing (though as my tastes have changed, perhaps I’d think otherwise now).

As always, all rights to the covers reside with the current holders.

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I know when I’m licked (#SFWApro)

Because I’ve been successfully posting every day for a while now, I can’t bring myself not to. However I’m also quite wiped, so this will be a brief cover-art post.

First we have Gervasio Gallardo’s cover for Sanders Anne Laubenthal’s Excalibur, which I reread recently (review will follow soon).

Then we have Gray Morrow’s cover for one of Thomas Burnett Swann’s mythological fantasies.

Lou Feck did this one.

And here’s a comic-book cover by Ruben Moreira in the Stupid Fool, Why Don’t You Believe The Absurd Superstition category.

All rights to images reside with current holders.

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A few quick covers (#SFWApro)

First we have this great Superman cover from Nick Cardy:

Then an absolutely amazing Buy This NOW! cover by Curt Swan.

Operation Kid Brother (AKA OK Connery) isn’t much of a Bond riff, but I do love that poster.

Here we have the incomparable Powers (Joseph Payne Brennan is a good writer, too).

And one by Richard Brillhart

All rights to images remain with current holders.

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