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The scary thing about incels isn’t the incels ..

The recent attack in Toronto has generated lots of OMG Incels! discussion in the mainstream media, including explanations of what an incel is. This is a good thing, though as David Futrelle says, incels have been vile for a while — it shouldn’t have taken Toronto to wake people up. San Bernadino incel and murderer Elliott Rodgers went on his killing spree four years ago; incels celebrated his anniversary (May 24) last year and I’m sure they’ll do so again. In another case from last year an Australian neo-Nazi plotting a shooting spree said his lack of sex was one of his motivations.

But what’s really scary is that people in the mainstream express alarmingly sympathetic or similar views to the outraged incels. Economist Robin Hanson wonders why we fret about economic inequality but not sex inequality. And now it seems male supremacist guru Jordan Peterson, believes we should take action to appease the incels. His solution? Enforced monogamy. Not in the sense of banning divorce, but in some fashion mandating that women pair off with the incels (“Otherwise women will all only go for the most high-status men, he explains, and that couldn’t make either gender happy in the end.”).

And yes, I clicked through to the source article and that is indeed what he says, though he doesn’t give details. Perhaps because there’s nothing he can say that would make forcing women to pair off with men sound reasonable or sane. It’s particularly telling Peterson opposes economic redistribution, but feels the incel threat is so great, redistributing women is A-OK (let’s let the terrorists win!). I’m guessing that as sexual frustration doesn’t drive women to go around committing terrorist acts, Peterson won’t feel the need to force men to make them happy (or perhaps like many incels he believes even fat and ugly women get laid all they want).

Peterson is mainstream enough that the NYT’s Bari Weiss portrays him favorably as part of an intellectual dark web, saying politically incorrect things nobody else dares say. Yes, saying male dominance is justified by male superiority is soooo edgy! Nobody else out there is saying things like that.

It’s not even new. Back in the Reagan era, antifeminist George Gilder argued that men simply don’t have the instincts to behave like responsible human beings unless they have a woman to civilize them. Marriage makes men mature; without it, they’re just self-destructive thugs. So women have a duty to society to put their lives on hold and marry men. Much like Peterson, the focus should be on low-status men. Losers. They’re the ones who need uplifting. Rush Limbaugh made the same point in the 1990s: men can be dangerous savages or they can be responsible members of the community. It’s up to you, women (why yes, this is very close to the explanation for twenty-something slackers I’ve written about before) And claims that male killing sprees are women’s fault go back at least a decade.

And for a final example, we have right-wing Christians Jared and Douglas Wilson (unrelated) who in addition to believing women should have no rights, have also expressed a view that for men, sex is all about conquering and dominating while women’s role is to submit: “the sexual act cannot be made into an egalitarian pleasure party.” I think incels would be down with that — and as far as I know, conservative Christians still consider the Wilsons as legitimate thinkers in good standing.


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We elected Trump. Is it surprising the Egyptians worshipped the dung beetle?

Herewith, a round up of people who seem to have prestigious, high-paying positions despite … well, dung.

For starters, Trump himself. I missed it, but last year he undid much of Obama normalizing relations with Cuba. Now he’s decided to tear up the Iran nuclear deal. And he apparently thinks any negative news about his glorious self is fake news by definition. As Lance Mannion says, among Trump’s goals as president is to reinforce his own delusions how wonderful he is, and to undo everything Obama accomplished that makes people respect Obama more. But Mannion’s right, a hundred years from now Obama will have a record of accomplishment and Trump won’t.

Next, rape apologist Robin Hanson, whose views on redistribution of sex I ripped into a week ago or so. Along with claiming nonviolent rape isn’t as bad as cheating on your husband (because having your body violated isn’t as awful as a man unwittingly raising someone else’s child) he also wonders why stealing food when you’re starving is less objectionable than raping someone when you’re horny. Okay, fair enough. Besides the fact lack of food kills and lack of sex doesn’t; stealing food (at least in his example) doesn’t involve assaulting anyone (I don’t know of anyone who thinks say, drugging someone so you can take their food nonviolently is OK); so yeah, totally interchangeable.

Bari Weiss at the NYT, for example. According to her the “intellectual dark web” is a daring group of right-wing freethinkers who tackle ideas that are utterly repressed in the mainstream, like “There are fundamental biological differences between men and women” and “Identity politics is a toxic ideology that is tearing American society apart.” I’m very impressed they could come up with groundbreaking, paradigm-shattering ideas that sound exactly like the same cliches conservatives spew every day (we’ve been hearing about the evil of left-wing identity politics since Trump got elected). How long before Hanson’s on the IDW, I wonder? In related links, Mother Jones responds to Weiss’s article, one writer questions an account in the article and CJR looks at all the left-wing voices getting much less coverage in the media. Nathan Robinson points out that the people in Weiss’ article are not silenced at all.

Male supremacist and misogynist Paul Elam offers an impressively awful list of excuses for Bill Cosby’s rape history: the problem is he liked sex too much which makes a man weak! And the sluts were totally asking for it! And the evil feminists want to take down powerful, successful men! Etcetera.

Sure, podcaster Nick Fuentes wants white Americans to have a white homeland (as usual, he’s not advocating white people go back to whatever homelands their ancestors came from) but that doesn’t mean he’s a racist or anything! Hopefully his career will suffer as much as Richard Spencer’s.

Scott Pruitt likes shielding himself from public scrutiny for good reason.

Theocrat Bryan Fischer who insists based on his personal reading of the First Amendment that it only protects Christian rights. Which would be a bad thing for Christians if it were true — but fortunately neither the Bill of Rights nor the Constitution says anything about discriminating between religion. Fischer also claims it only applies to Congress, except when he wants it to apply to the states. Or anyone else Fischer needs it to apply to. And like those IDW types, Fischer likes to whine a lot about imaginary persecution.

Southern Baptist powerhouse Paige Patterson has a long history of saying the right option for women abused by their spouses is to suck it up. I linked to something about Patterson Monday, but it seems worth adding this.

Self-help guru Tony Robbins thinks women are just joining #metoo to feel significant (sort of the way they cry rape because it gives them perks, I guess). And it’s a bad movement because it’ll just piss men off! Which I’m sure hasn’t occurred to anyone before he pointed it out (Robbins subsequently apologized).

And UPDATE: NY AG Eric Schneiderman, violent abuser.

To illustrate this article, here’s a tree against the sky (no symbolism, I just like the photo).


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If you support taxing the rich, why don’t you support redistribution of hot women? One idiot’s theory

(Title updated in response to comment below)

Following the incel terrorist attack in Toronto, George Mason University economist Robin Hanson decides to stick up for the incel movement (which is discussing online whether vehicular homicide is enough or whether they should go with rape and mutilation attacks). Lots of liberals think it’s okay to help out people who have no financial resources — so why isn’t it justified to give women to people who have no sexual relief? And since the left tacitly wink-winks at the use of violence to force economic redistribution, they should be fine with incels using violence to force women to sleep with them.

The stunned response at the link was that possibly this was one of those stupid analogies like “taxation is slavery” (of course, Hansonworks at a public university, so apparently Hanson’s fine with taxing people to pay his own salary) But even if that were true, as Echidne points out, the analogy doesn’t make sense. First off, redistribute wealth doesn’t violate the rich person’s bodily integrity. Secondly, Hanson isn’t actually arguing we should take anything from the “Chads” (the studs who supposedly monopolize the hot women), he’s arguing we should take from the women the Chads sleep with. They’re the ones who will have to put out, not the Chads. Echidne also goes into detail why most proposals to provide sex (e.g. government-sponsored prostitutes) won’t work (prostitutes can refuse customers, and incels don’t want to pay for sex, they want sex via power and dominance).

However given Hanson also believes that rape, particularly non-violent rape, is less morally bad than a cheating wife, maybe he doesn’t feel it’s so unreasonable to provide women to incel. Taxing the Chads means redistributing their women, just like any other property. Certainly he doesn’t discuss what to do about incel females (no suggestion the Chads have to sleep with them) or whether cheating husbands are equally objectionable (probably not, as the issue with cheating wives is the husband possibly not passing on his own genes).

And it’s not like Hanson’s the first professor to play these idea games. Consider economics professor Steven Landsburg, who challenged his students to show why raping an unconscious woman was wrong — why should the victim’s suffering outweigh the benefit to the rapist (as usual, Landsburg’s apology didn’t help)? And right-wing hack/law professor Glenn Reynolds once fired what he thought was a stunning putdown of Elizabeth Warren for saying businesses depend on government services (“You didn’t build that.”) financed by taxation. Warren and other women have a better sex life due to government services (they keep fit by jogging on roads built with tax money!) so the government should be able to make them have sex with people. It’s telling Reynolds’ mind went there rather than, say, suggesting we should tax hot women (which would be dumb, but not quite so creepy).

And it’s telling the NYT’s Ross Douthat thinks Hanson has a valid point.

I think I need to wash the stink of sexism off me now.



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Lovesick killers and other sexist links

Police have described Maryland school shooter Austin Rollins as “lovesick” over the girl he shot. As Wonkette points out at the link, Rollins’ alleged heartbreak isn’t the issue, it’s his willingness to kill rather than let go of someone. Blaming the breakup is just a version of this undead sexist cliche.

In the same vein, Norman Mailer’s biographer brushes off Mailer stabbing his wife: “He…had a complex relationship with women, and he regretted many of the things he said about them. He knew those things were stupid. But his point of view was, well, “I am doing this to create a debate.”

The New Orleans Saints say the rules for cheerleaders are meant to protect them — but the onus of following them is entirely on the women (“If a Saints cheerleader enters a restaurant and a player is already there, she must leave. If a cheerleader is in a restaurant and a player arrives afterward, she must leave.”).

After Lara McLeod’s prospective brother-in-law raped her, police insisted she report it. Then charged her with lying.

Meet Jordan Peterson, the hot antifeminist of the moment.

Forced birthers are fine with laws that require doctors to tell women that abortion causes breast cancer (which it doesn’t). But it’s a First Amendment case if their pregnancy-counseling centers have to say things they don’t want to.

Another undead sexist cliche, that men are innately violent. So making men not be good is just as horrible in the long run as school shootings. Just like men who don’t embrace their manliness are as toxic as abusive sexists.

Unpaid interns aren’t employees, so they aren’t covered by laws against on-the-job sexual harassment.

No, #metoo is not a moral panic or a witch hunt.

Tucker Carlson, who thinks a woman buying her date dinner is disgusting, also thinks (wait for it) that men are the oppressed gender in the US.

To end on an upbeat note, sexual assailant and pastor Andy Savage has resigned from his church.

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Liberals won’t date Republicans? OMG!

At least that’s the word from Washingtonian magazine: DC conservatives are very, very hurt that liberals won’t date them (despite all the Republicans in Congress and their staffers, apparently there are not enough conservatives to date in their own pool). Just because someone supports a white-supremacist president, does that mean they’re beyond the pale?

Right-winger Lisa de Pasquale thinks this is a bad idea: sure, you want someone who shares your values, but why insist on them sharing your politics? Funny, I always hear conservatives describe how their votes are driven by their values, does de Pasquale mean they were lying about that? She goes on to argues that the worst names conservative fling out are “snowflake,” whiny” and “cuck,” which ignores that “cuck” is supposed to be a vicious insult in the alt.right world (and that some conservatives throw out considerably worse—I’ve been called “traitor” a couple of times). “By contrast, those on the right are called ‘Nazis,’ ‘racists,’ ‘bigots,’ ‘sexists’ and, if NRA members, ‘part of a terrorist organization’ by left-leaning people, simply for having conservative leanings.

“Conservative leanings” may be doing a lot of work here. Did someone get called a sexist because they support lower tax rates on corporations. or because they believe women shouldn’t work outside the home or that rape victims had it coming? Both of these could be considered “conservative leanings” but some people with conservative leanings are bigots and sexists. On the far right, for example, we have enthusiasm for controlling women through rape gangs and white sharia. Georgia wants to let adoption agencies turn away gay parents. Or county clerk Kim Davis, who claims she’s a hero for refusing to marry gay couples (or let anyone in her office marry them) but believe she’s the persecuted one (this past post might be relevant). Pundit Rod Dreher thinks French anti-semite and racist Marion Le Pen is pretty awesome, though Of Course he disapproves of her more extreme views.

de Pasquale is just a variation on the time-honored theme that liberals are mean to conservatives and full of hate, unlike, say, Trump. And that campus PC (which squashes conservative voices) is out of control, whereas a right-wing news corporation expanding its propaganda reach is no big. Next thing you know, they’ll say conservative comedy isn’t funny!

Moving on from that little issue-of-the-day—

Pastor Robert Jeffries used to insist it was wrong to compromise moral standards to get the right person elected. In the age of Trump, he’s changed his mind. I’m sure he and the other court evangelicals will be thrilled when Republicans change the law to let them be openly partisan while keeping their tax exemptions. Likewise right-winger Dennis Prager believes Trump destroying liberals is so godly, Trump must be doing holy work. So does Eric Metaxas, who says Trump critics are like the Good Samaritan’s carping brother (there is no brother in that parable).

The Trump White House took the broken system for veterans’ health care and made it worse. They’re gutting consumer protections against financial scams too.

The 1 percent hate pensions because pension programs reduce their power.

The Trump era is like a reality show is a cliche, and not even a clever one.

Even the Trump White House acknowledges Obama-era regulations are cost-effective (but they ain’t changing their anti-regulation policy).

I will give points to Benny Hinn for admitting he was wrong about the prosperity gospel. And to the usual odious Mona Charen for pointing out Republican hypocrisy in talking morality while supporting Roy Moore, child molester (she was resoundingly booed at CPAC for this).

Perhaps this cover by Earl Mayan expresses my feelings best.

#SFWApro. All rights to cover image remain with current holder.

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First women, then guns: a link post

Various suggestions for going beyond the Bechdel test (is there a woman of color as a major protagonist? Are the walk-on roles at least half women? Is there at least one female character with her own story arc?).

Andrew Sullivan insists his personal life experience shows patriarchy is a myth. Echidne disagrees.

Feministing argues that the enthusiastic consent standard shouldn’t be controversial.

Last month’s women’s march unsurprisingly triggers a right-wing pundit backlash.

For 2,000 years, it was taken as a given that queen bees must be kings.

#Metoo is not about women playing the victim. And it’s not about false accusations. Or about somehow making money off accusations. Jonathan Chait adds that #metoo seems impressively reasonable rather than a witch hunt.

Sometimes the Bible commands abortion.

A teenager says cops raped her in custody. The cops say she consented, and in their state that would make it legal.

And in Kentucky it’s legal for adults to marry pregnant thirteen-year-olds, but conservatives sank a bill to raise the minimum age. Apparently part of the issue was that parents should decide whether the girl marries her rapist/abuser, not the government.

The NLRB says Google was in the right when it fired James Damore, the women-can’t-code guy (once in a while we win one).

Rush Limbaugh explains the Florida school shooting is feminism’s fault.

Harassment and rape in the U.S. Forest Service.

Some career-advisors say women have lower salaries because they don’t negotiate. But studies indicate negotiation can be a losing tactic, for example if the company decides she’s acting too unfeminine.

An old post I just came across discussing how “safe spaces” for the socially awkward can be used to turn a blind eye to predators.

Harassment in children’s publishing.

Now, the guns:

Unsurprisingly Megan McArdle thinks it’s a terrible thing for Delta to get all PC and stop discounting tickets for NRA members. Georgia Lt. Governor Casey Cagle responds to Delta’s decision by vowing to eliminate their state tax breaks. Funny how that “businesses should be free of government regulation” outlook disappears when businesses do the non-conservative thing.

David Brooks conservasplains that the reason nobody’s enacting any gun restrictions is because liberals pushed for them.

Thousands of anonymous posts about the Parkland school shooting are apparently a coordinated campaign.

David French pretends that the pro-gun side really does support reasonable regulation. Meanwhile plenty of other conservatives freak out that the survivors are speaking up.

Claims the Parkland teens are just agents of a secret conspiracy have many predecessors. And the Mary Sue wonders where to get some of that cash George Soros supposedly hands out to liberals who speak up about guns or harassment.

As Echidne says, imagine the media reaction if Hilary Clinton said she’d have run into Parkland.

One of the Parkland teens acknowledges the inspiration of Black Lives Matter.

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The Florida school shooting, victim blaming and other topics

I never have much to write about tragedies like this. So I’ll just link.

Charles Pierce says Trump supporters know perfectly well that “nobody expects him to mean what he says, because that would mark you as a sap who believes that politics can be a constructive endeavor.” Got to say I don’t think this is so. Neither does No More Mr. Nice Blog.

Paul Campos reminds us that while shootings are up, overall murder rates are down. Whatever that signifies.

Apparently white nationalists who claimed the shooter as their own were lying.

Right-winger Ben Shapiro suffers from the delusion that old-school morality stopped sexual harassment. As explained at the link, wrong (and I make the same point here) And of course lots of traditional-values conservatives are still into blaming the victims.  Case in point, right-winger Sandy Rios supports accused spouse-beater Rob Porter — you can’t believe a word those lying sluts accusing men say, right? Of course the White House repeatedly contradicts its own claims about Porter but I bet Rios is okay with that. Other right wingers settle for blaming the whole thing on liberals and feminists. And that like Shapiro, this kind of thing wouldn’t happen if we went back to the Good Old Days.

Continuing with the victim-blaming, conservative pastor Kevin Swanson explains that the Larry Nassar scandal is what you can expect if you put a “red-blooded” male in the presence of a lot of women who are dressed immodestly. So Swanson thinks assaulting underage girls is natural for red-blooded men (a typical man-hating attitude on the right)? And he ignores that Nassar penetrated his victims with his fingers — that’s abusive but it’s not what most men do for sexual satisfaction. As for Swanson’s claim Nassar was caught because God wouldn’t tolerate him — er, why did God put up with him for the previous twenty years, then?

There’s a theory Trump can’t be blackmailed because nothing shames him. If that were true, he wouldn’t bury so many stories.

More ways in which the Trump budget sucks. Here’s another. And it will bring on a massive deficit but articles on the budget ignore that’s normal for Republicans.

Senator Robert Menendez of New Jersey beat a corruption charge because court decisions have made proving corruption harder.

it seems Wikileaks was more than a little biased against the female candidate in 2016.

It took two months for the Wisconsin GOP to formally disavow anti-semite candidate Paul Nehlen.

Right-wing Christian pundit Dave Daubenmire says black Christians only call him racist because skin color matters to them more than God. Otherwise why would they have voted for the Muslim Obama like they did?

Megan McArdle has become the WaPo’s new columnist. Roy Edroso, who despises her writing as much as I do, vents. LGM looks at some of her past bullshit. If you want more examples, plug her name into my blog’s search engine.  Though Chris Christie as pundit is no improvement.

I’ve never had much use for Joe Scarborough, but he totally crushes the author whose book claims Trump is on a Christian spiritual voyage.

Ben Shapiro (again) cannot understand why black people are so excited about a movie with an almost all-black cast, so he dismisses it as identity politics. The late Dwayne McDuffie pre-emptively explains this writing about what T’Challa’s first comic book series meant to him.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has a simple way to stop Republicans losing seats in special elections: don’t hold any.



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Trump’s idea of “the best and brightest”

Back in 2016, a former FB friend of mine (rape-apologist trolling is a fast way to get yourself unfriended) argued we didn’t need to worry about Trump being a vainglorious dumbass. He was a smart, Big Apple businessman: he knew how to hire the best people, they’d make up for Trump’s shortcomings.

Like so many rationale for why Trump was the right choice, it’s bullshit. Let’s look at some examples:

First of course, as you probably all know, we have Staff Secretary Rob Porter. His alleged history of spousal abuse was enough to keep him from getting a security clearance. (apparently lots of Trumpites working with classified material do not have clearance). But Trump hired him anyway — after all, Porter denied the charges! How could they have known? Even John Kelly, The Grownup In The Room supported Porter — and as LGM points out at the second link, what does it say about Trump hiring the best people that everyone accepts the White House needs a grown-up in the room? Of course, Trump himself says Porter is awesome and besides, Porter said he was innocent! I’m sure the latest White House abuser says the same thing. Though as LGM points out, Trump doesn’t care about innocence when it’s Clinton or black men rather than white male abusers.

Vice President Mike Pence, meanwhile, tries to pretend he and  President Shit-Gibbon really care about spouse abuse (newsflash: a lot of religious conservatives don’t). He also indignantly denied his support for “conversion therapy” when he was called out by a gay Olympic athlete. More here.

Trump lickspittle Kellyanne Conway is head of the White House opioids response team. Her response? Ignore experts and rely on political appointees. Of course Conway’s a political hack herself whose highest career accomplishment is toadying to the white supremacist in the Oval Office, so it’s not surprising — but it’s still horrifying. We’re seeing hundreds of deaths from this thing, and Trump’s crew of the Best People doesn’t give a damn.

And even Conway looks good compared to FEMA’s Puerto Rico contractor, Tiffany Brown.

Kentucky Republican and Trump backer Timothy Nolan has been charged with forcing women to sleep with him, using everything from threats to money to calls to their probation officer. He’s pleaded guilty.

As for Trump’s decisive ability to bellow You’re Fired at his people just like he did on The Apprenticewell, no. Though apparently the blame for the Porter fiasco is somehow settling on Porter’s current girlfriend. And President Shit-Gibbon is quite happy to punish legal immigrants who use federal services by making it harder for them to get a green card.

It would almost be funny if this incompetent and morally bankrupt hacks weren’t running the country and getting loyal support from Republicans in Congress. They own this as much as Trump does. So let’s look at the rest of the right wing:

They hate that conservative kids might be exposed to liberal ideas in college.

Right-wing liar David Barton claims Obama designated him an enemy of the state. And a right-wing Christian pastor claims the Trumps had to exorcise Obama’s literally demonic influence.

A Fox News executive objects to the Olympic team being too dark and too gay.

Repub presidential wannabe Marco Rubio thinks we should fund paid family leave by cutting Social Security benefits.

An armed Trump supporter asked a Navajo legislator if he was a legal immigrant.

An Illinois neo-Nazi joins the ranks of neo-Nazis who’ve run for office as Republicans (David Duke did it years ago)

Remember when Republicans claimed cutting the deficit was the most vital mission on Earth? They lied.

And the Trump Consumer Finance Protection Bureau won’t do crap about firms that don’t guard our personal information.

A Trump supporter and Pizzagate believer is shocked anyone would say she pushes fake news.

And I’m inclined to agree with Lance Manion that if Trump’s biggest accomplishment is keeping America whiter, he’d be proud of that — as if FDR wanted to be remembered for the Japanese-American internment camps.

Rights to Edward Munch’s The Scream remain with current holder.


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The thing about cover-ups (a sexual harassment link post)

People often say that “the cover-up is worse than the scandal.” Meaning cases of police brutality, sexual harassment, corruption etc. would cause less of a shit-storm if people hadn’t covered them up. But as I pointed out in an old And column, that’s not really true. The players can reasonably hope that the cover-up will hold until they’re retired or dead so they’ll never suffer any blowback from either superiors (“How could you humiliate us by taking this public?”) or the enraged public. It’s a gamble, but it’s not a foolish one. Just an utterly unethical, morally bankrupt one: screw the needs of the many, what’s in it for me?

Case in point, Michigan State University which Athletic Magazine shows completely failed in its handling of the Larry Nassar sex harassment case (not to mention sexual assault cases involving athletes). Well completely failed unless it’s intention was to bury the accusations by Nassar’s victims, such as Rachael Denhollander. If that’s the standard, they were aces. Nevertheless, the only thing MSU President Lou Anna Simon is suffering is resigning her job, while insisting the university did everything right (the MSU attorney told them they were doing great!). Nassar himself spent more than two decades abusing girls with impunity before justice caught up with him. Prior to Simon’s resignation, one board member laughed at the idea she needed to go — what was “this Nassar thing” compared to MSU’s new basketball stadium?

And of course, there’s plenty of harassment elsewhere to go around. Like a black-tie fundraiser that offers up its female waitstaff as sex toys for guests. Or Silicon Valley swinger-parties for dudes who feel they don’t get enough sex.

Rep. Patrick Meehan insists he totally did not sexually harass the staffer he called his soul mate.

Stanford University is putting up a memorial plaque on the site Brock Turner assault victim. When the university didn’t like the quote she suggested for the plaque, it picked “Everything is okay” out of context from her trial testimony.

Kirsten Gillibrand on not letting your side get away with harassment or abuse. “[Franken] is entitled to a hearing. He’s not entitled to my silence.”

Perhaps part of the problem is that even in consensual sex, women are taught their discomfort is normal.

Missouri Republican Courtland Sykes is so stereotypically sexist, Slacktivist wonders if he’s a hoax (but thinks he’s probably for real).

For something to wrap up, when teen adventurer Jade Hameister encouraged her fellow teenage girls to shoot for the stars, Internet trolls responded with “make me a sandwich!” So she did — they just have to get to the South Pole to eat it.

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I now defy right-wing political correctness!

A lot of conservatives are happy to denounce “PC” on the left in contrast to their own supposed willingness to stare reality in the face. In reality, PC — in the sense of “blindly accepting dogma” — is something anyone can fall victim to, including conservatives.

For examples conservatives during the W years were adamant that our government did not torture anyone. A detailed report from The Constitution Project shows that yes, we did. And the torture was systemic, common and not at all “a few bad apples.” At the bare minimum higher authorities demanded information, encouraged soldiers to “take the gloves off” getting it and offered no guidelines on what not to do. If nothing else, that’s negligence on a massive (and in some cases fatal) scale.

Nothing in my columns for the Destin Log, however, freaked right-wingers out as much as the phrase “right wing terrorism.” Nope. No way. Doesn’t exist. Not a problem. It’s Muslims, okay and maybe radical leftists but it’s never conservatives. I’m not sure how much is fear of having the anti-terrorist system they’ve supported turned on them, how much sympathy for the far right and how much the same kind of discomfort the word “racist” causes (David Neiwert offers some thoughts on this and other topics in an interview). But “there’s no right-wing terrorism” is bullshit whatever the reason, as the Anti-Defamation League shows with its report, A Dark and Constant Rage. 150 incidents over the past 25 years is a lot for something that supposedly doesn’t exist.

Moving on … speaking of the right wing and racism, here’s yet another Trump sleazebag appointee. Of course the media still flinch from acknowledging President Shit-Gibbon is a racist. Speaking of racism, the real reason the Republicans aren’t cutting a deal on DACA is that they don’t want to. And don’t forget, believing in racist bullshit requires making yourself stupider.

John Roberts and the conservative wing of the Supreme Court have said North Carolina doesn’t have to redraw gerrymandered districts before the fall election. Can’t disadvantage Republicans, can we?

As Shakezula says, will religious-freedom-to-discriminate laws ever be used to deny treatment to adulterers? Or just trans, gay and female people? Heck, with Trump cheating and banging porn stars probably makes his acolytes love him more.

Another day, another abuser exposed. And as usual, it looks like he had people willing to cover up for him. And charges have been filed against another supposedly godly man. And here’s how churches shouldn’t respond.

The Star of David is Satanic according to one right-wing Bible thumper.

Even when Gamergate participants confessed to sending women death threats, the FBI file shows no charges were filed.

Sexual abuse of a coworker doesn’t have to take place in the workplace.

Elderly immigrants being deported don’t get the Social Security they’ve been paying into for years.

It costs the IRS more to employ private debt-collectors than the contractors bring in to the agency.

The Museum of the Bible: more politics than museum.

Anthem’s new policy for covering ER visits: if they decide you should have known that stabbing gut pain wasn’t an emergency, you’re not covered.

And now some links courtesy of the Slacktivist blog:

Hiram Revels was the first black man to serve in Congress. Yet in the places where he lived in work, it’s statues to Confederates, not Revels, that people see.

How we whitewash and sanitize the civil rights struggle.

Back in the 1990s, Pat Robertson warned conservatives against the Illuminati takeover (with the added twist the Illuminati were run by International Jewish Bankers); apparently the Illuminati are still a bogeyman (Alex Jones at the link doesn’t deny they exist, he just denies Trump’s a member).

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