Last weekend of October (#SFWApro)

I may be a little more stressed than I thought.

It’s mostly a combination of various little things, including lack of sleep and that (as I’ve mentioned before), I don’t always feel like I’m taking a break when I finish work. Because even when I’m off, most times I just move to a different chair in the living room. They say if you work in your bed, it can start feeling like work space instead of a place to sleep, and I think I’m suffering something similar — the living room is just workspace

So last weekend I  lay around a lot, doing nothing. Which is atypical for me—even when I’m relaxing a lot I usually do something (reading, for instance). Felt good; I think it helped relax me.

As to the month as a whole, I completed 57 percent of my goals, which is slightly better than September. The big one, of course, was that I finished the latest draft of Southern Discomfort (as with September, that’s the main reason other things didn’t get done) and also A Famine Where Abundant Lies, which went out at the end of the month (and came back ASAP). I also completed the text of Martinis, Girls and Guns, my And columns for the month. I also did lots of little stuff, keeping up my cleaning schedule, bicycling semi-regularly, practice knife-throwing (I enjoy it but I’m very bad at it), putting out bird food regularly, etc., exercising.

The most frustrating one I didn’t finish was not putting in all the hours. It was only by half-an-hour, but it’s a symptom of the way my Friday schedule keeps getting thrown out of whack by various things. I think I need to squeeze in some extra early in the week so I’m prepared.

November will be a little crazy for various reasons, not to mention time for the holidays. Wish me luck.

And just for the heck of it, here’s one of Marvel’s goofier looking monsters for you to gaze on, courtesy of Marie Severin. Don’t blame her, the story she was working from makes it even sillier (but the story itself is meant to be whimsical).



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