I did not surpass my expectations and my expectations were low (#SFWApro)

I set them low because, you see, TYG was out of town for three days, leaving me as solo dog parent. Which as I mentioned this morning does get tiring, plus the practical needs of providing all the walkies. And a new wrinkle, resulting from Plush wanting to sit on my lap so much: Trixie, being denied her usual place, keeps demanding extra attention as reassurance (which I invariably cave and give her). Though I think I’m finding ways to seat myself that will keep everyone happy: If I sit in the corner of the couch I can keep the lap desk in a comfortable position while Plushie and Trixie can both squeeze between my legs (get your mind out of the gutter).


Plus Thursday I went and gave blood (photo copyright is mine, credit me if you use it). Which takes a couple of hours, counting driving and rehydrating afterwards, and because I gave a double-portion of red blood cells, I got wiped out (it’s so long since I’ve done that, I forgot). On the plus side, I don’t donate again until late February; on the down, I didn’t get much done the rest of the day. Which is partly my own fault: once I tell myself “don’t expect a full week’s work,” it’s tempting to do even less than I had scheduled. Which is what happened Friday: TYG was getting home way earlier than I expected, and I don’t want to be working after that, so I won’t put in a full day so hell, goof off!

As mentioned in this morning’s post, I finished up Martinis, Girls and Guns, though I’m going to give it another going over later this month. I still need to find a cover illustration. I also need to change the title as there’s already book on Bond by the same name. I’ll probably change it to Sex For Dinner, Death for Breakfast (a quote from Die Another Day). Good thing I didn’t get cover art based on the first title yet, I guess.

I rewrote Trouble and Glass and I got some work done on two different short stories, Unnamed Portal Fantasy (I’ll think of something once I get it finished) and Children of Hyde. And that was pretty much it. My bad.

TYG has a demanding schedule next week so I may have to reduce my hours to provide extra walkies (we’re not sure yet). But I’ll be careful to set a minimum this time so I don’t make the same mistake.

And TYG is back, and that feels very good.


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