Using my great power for good: election-related links

Because with the influence my blog has, I can totally ensure a Clinton win!

•James Comey’s announcement he’s reopening the email case is just another case of Republicans working the refs. Vox and Rolling Stone look at how the media have jumped on the Clinton Email Scandal (Digby too): ooooh, they’ve finally nailed her hide to the wall! Except there’s no evidence she’s done anything, and she’s been specifically cleared on repeated, assorted charges and investigations. Daily Howler has some specifics about how the media have over-reacted to the “October bombshell.” Whereas Trump, for all his cries of “Crooked Hilary,” faces a boatload of serious charges and lawsuits that don’t get covered as much. LGM weighs in.

I’m reminded of an old article from Bill Clinton’s presidency in which Sally Quinn (wife of the WaPo publisher) discussed how much the Washington press corps loathed Clinton for the Lewinsky affair: how dare that nobody come into their town and stir up scandal, making their community look bad? They would never forgive him! Or, it seems, his wife.

•If the various criminal investigations into Trump aren’t bad enough, he’s revitalized the white supremacist movement, and never disavowed their support. Case in point, here’s a video by a Trump supporter linking Obama and the Clintons with Sinister Foreign Powers …like Israel.

•Republicans in the Senate are already admitting they won’t confirm a Supreme Court justice if Clinton’s elected. Despite Ted Cruz’ pious assurances that this is a matter of principle, I guarantee that if the tables were reversed, Cruz and his ilk would be shrieking about the corrupt power games denying them their justices.

•Newt Gingrich blows up and tells Fox News’ Megyn Kelly she’s obsessed with sex because she keeps bringing up Trump’s sexual harassment history. I’m not surprised Gingrich, an adulterer who served divorce papers on his wife while she was in the hospital, thinks personal sexual history (except of course Bill Clinton’s) should be off the table.

•I suppose it’s no surprise we’re already getting warnings from the media that a Clinton Administration shouldn’t be too liberal. And that if only Democrats hadn’t been so hard on Romney and McCain, people would have taken them seriously about Trump? Who, pray tell? Republicans? Or the media obsessed with the Clinton emails? Would Trump voters have stopped supporting their man? I think not (neither does LGM). Oh, and we should also be nicer to Trump voters.

•The Daily Banter says, by contrast, that we can’t find common ground with Trump supporters — and we shouldn’t. Some supposed Trump voters, though, are secretly voting Clinton.

•You may have heard that a conservative named Evan McMullin is running for president. For some right-wingers he’s the white knight for this election: if Trump and Clinton deadlock, the House of Representatives can reject them both and elect McMullin! Heck, electors aren’t obligated to vote for the candidates who won their state, so the electoral college should vote McMullin anyway!

•Obama delivers a smackdown on Congressman Darrell Issa.

•A city clerk in Green Bay Wisconsin says restricting on-campus early voting is good because students vote Dem. So better if they don’t vote.

•Maybe one reason Trump’s such a dick is that having grown up rich, he’s been surrounded by people who are willing to kowtow to his bullshit.

•GQ argues that Trump followers constitute a cult.



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2 responses to “Using my great power for good: election-related links

  1. Your first point is a major reason I disregard claims about the “liberal media.” In journalism school, we were taught that while individual reporters are mostly liberal, the media corporations and their owners are largely conservation. When push comes to shove, whose opinion will the media favor – obviously the owners of the media.

    Also look at how Gore was negatively portrayed in 2000, having quotes attributed him that he never said, versus how Bush was portrayed as a friendly “guy you could have a beer with.”

    • As one of my coworkers once said, all newspaper publishers are rich men who play golf and drink expensive scotch.
      And no question the media slammed Gore–a couple of campaign reporters admitted to being biased against him.

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