Trump in revolt and some other links

As you probably know, Trump refuses to commit to accepting a Clinton win. I don’t know why anyone’s surprised, because what’s the downside? At least in his fantasy, he could pull a Bush 2000 upset; if not, maybe he can harass Clinton and pay her back for beating him. And certainly those followers who celebrate Trump for fighting the non-male, non-Christian, non-white, non-straight oppressor will be happy. He has nothing to lose. As Paul Campos says, if it’s close, he’ll claim it was rigged; if it’s overwhelmingly against him, he’ll claim it was rigged. But don’t worry, only latte-drinking elites care about this stuff.

•Right-winger Wesley Pruden explains that Trump’s foul language is no big deal because men are good at foul language and women aren’t. Other right-bloggers struggle to recover from the tape. Ace of Spades applauds Trump for sticking it to the female oppressor. And unsurprisingly, Trump supporters are calling for repealing women’s suffrage—which is, of course, not a new demand on the right.

•Sen. Paul Ryan is still endorsing Trump. But he wants you to know he hardly knows the man, lives a much more moral lifestyle than Trump and didn’t even learn about the nomination until it was too late. Sounds like an alibi from a murder mystery.

•Maine’s Governor LePage explains that after Obama’s tyranny, we need Trump to free us. Matt Bevin says we may need bloodshed to protect conservative freedom, but later claimed he’s just talking about the need for a strong military.

•Trump didn’t just implode by chance. Clinton played him, and played him well.

David French babbles about football player Colin Kaepernick and how football players should be conservative because liberals hate them.

•Once again right-wingers are warning us against international Jewish bankers.

•Trump talks a lot about getting tough with other nations—but on Russia, he believes Clinton is too tough.

•Surprise! Evangelicals support Trump and they suddenly decide private moral conduct isn’t important in politicians. The Weekly Standard argues as others have done that liberals are at fault for debasing American conduct.

•The “locker-room defense” for Trump’s recent tape ignores that he wasn’t talking in a locker-room.

•Vox points out, as others have, that the fuel for Trump voters is racial resentment.

•Never troubled about making sense, Trump insists that when he said Obama founded ISIS, he meant it literally.

•Hackers turn household smart device to evil.

•A judge refuses to sign off on charges against journalist Amy Goodman for filming corporate goons assaulting protesters.

•The government says nursing homes that accept Medicare or Medicaid can’t force patients or their families into arbitration instead of court. The industry objects.

•As I’ve mentioned before, law enforcement would really like easy access to encrypted phones. Here’s a new approach: a warrant for a particular location that requires everyone there to unlock their phones on the grounds that one of those phones might have had the information the cops wanted.

•Medical testing company Theranos sold inaccurate tests to consumers. This has bad consequences for customers.

•The Moody’s credit-rating agency gave good reviews to the mortgage-backed securities that helped create the mortgage bubble. The Department of Justice is suing Moody’s, charging the ratings were knowingly skewed to ignore the securities were worth crap.


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