What Fall Brings (#SFWApro)

IMG_0613Longer walks with the pups, because as the mid-day temperature drops, they can endure more time outside. And they usually want to (Trixie always; Plushie’s more temperamental). This will probably end up requiring me to shift more writing to the evenings, but it’s worth it. It’s good exercise for all of us (and both pups really need to loose weight) and just fun to spend more time outside.

•Better sleep. I’m not sure if it’s the reduced heat or some response to the change in the light, but come fall, I start sleeping normally most nights (come March I’ll turn insomniac again). This has the slight drawback that I seem to need more sleep to be functional, but it still feels great.

•This year it also means more bicycling because exercising outside was a complete non-starter in summer. Even today, I got a little overheated—the temperature spiked up this week, but it’s going back down, thank goodness. But man, global warming is going to suck.


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