Trumpocalypse (and other political links)

Dahlia Lithwick wonders why the Trump tape where he talks about sexually harassing women seems to be such a game-changer. She concludes it’s because it makes it impossible to think Trump’s just putting on his swaggering sexism for an audience—it’s who he really is, and he’s actually worse away from an audience. Which I think is true, except some people are still denying it: Pat Robertson assures us that Trump’s talk about grabbing a woman by her private parts was just being macho. And other religious conservatives still think Trump is God’s anointed. House Speaker Paul Ryan says he’ll revoke his endorsement as there’s no political consequences for doing so. Sexual scold David French explains (once again) it’s all liberals’ fault because we debased American culture with free love! Oh, and one religious er, thinker suggests that if theologian Dietrich Bonhoffer could compromise his principles to fight the Nazis, it’s moral for Christians to vote Trump. Plus the white supremacists blame the Jews.

•The Wall Street Journal has a proposal for how to repudiate Trump with no consequences: convince him to resign right after he’s elected. That way Mike Pence becomes president without any risk of losing those sexist bigot votes in the general election (it’s the perfect Repub solution: offer the base what it wants, then get back to ignoring it). And it’s not like Mike Pence is anyone I’d want in the Oval Office, or a better president for women as far as policy. This is, after all, the party of the War on Women. And Pence thinks the solution to young girls lacking self esteem is to bomb ISIS.

•This Ruthless World points out how many Repubs backing off from Trump are referencing their spouse or daughter to say why they can’t stand disrespect — i.e., they’re concerned about someone attacking their women, not about the rights of women as independent people. I particularly liked this line: “Paul Ryan noted that women are to be ‘championed and revered.’  Which would be very flattering to me, I suppose, if I were a character in ‘Ivanhoe.'” (LGM makes the same point).

•Trump doesn’t just make shit up: he’s also quoted from a Russian disinformation campaign about Clinton. For making shit up though, you can’t do better than right-wing radio host Alex Jones, who has proclaimed Clinton is a demon who will destroy the world.

•Trump promised that if elected, he’ll work on imprisoning Clinton. No surprise: he may talk about the email scandal (even if the FBI found nothing actionable) but many right-wingers have believed for years that the Clintons are guilty of something: drug-running, jailing political enemies, Vince Foster’s murder, the Clinton death list. So Trump, as he does so often, is telling his cultists what they want to hear. But as LGM points out at the link this is a radical departure from what the Chief Executive is supposed to do.

•Charles Pierce says in Trump, the Republican Party’s catering to white male resentment has come home to roost and “there are not sufficient roosts for all the chickens.”

•Oh, Paul Ryan also lies about his athletic performance.

•A court has declared that the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau’s current structure (one head, can’t be removed for cause) is unconstitutional.

•Comcast has been fined $2.3 million for billing customers for services and equipment they didn’t order.

•Contractors for the U.S. government must provide paid sick leave for the employees doing government work.

•Unfortunately I doubt these new torture allegations against the CIA will shake things up any more than past ones.

•A Bahraini human rights activist is looking at 15 years in prison for speaking up.

•At least some Wells Fargo executives were aware ten years ago of bank employees setting up unwanted accounts for consumers


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