Would anyone bet on the tortoise? (#SFWApro)

The title is from a line in Last Days of Disco to the effect that “Yes, the hare lost the race—but if they’d had a rematch, would anyone have bet on the tortoise?” Because while I’m optimistically reminding myself that Slow and Steady is getting results, I’d still like to be faster (though pushing past 60,000 words in one month makes me feel pretty good).

I’d like to be faster writing stuff in general, but particular on this rewrite of Southern Discomfort. If I can get it finished by next week, I can get a beta-reading group together before the holidays start. Otherwise it may wait until new years.

It’s slow because I’m constantly have to add new scenes, or redo earlier scenes to substantially change them. But obviously that’ll put it in better shape for beta-ing, which means fewer obvious flaws so hopefully more criticism of the non-obvious (to me) flaws. It’s also slightly longer, which puts it more in the range of what’s currently marketable.

The finish line is doable, except that the ending chapters were the toughest, most awkward part of this draft. I’m concerned it may turn out they’ll take much, more more time than I anticipate. Especially as lots of little changes I’ve made will now butterfly-effect the way everything plays out. So we’ll see.

I also wrote a second draft of Trouble and Glass, then actually started on a third. It’s shaping up so well, I’m almost nervous: will it turn out that it’s an absolutely god-awful story? I honestly don’t think so. The big challenge at the moment is making my magic system make sense: I want traditional magic systems to exist, but most of what we actually see is more colorful, less traditional. I think I can explain that reasonably, though, without warping any cultural traditions.

And that was all I had time for.

Trixie has continued to get up when I do, which throws off my mornings some (it’s too easy to stay on the couch and pet her). And both dogs have been rather needy. However I don’t think either impacted my schedule as much as the slow crawl on the novel. And they’re so awfully cute (Plushie below. Please credit me if you use the image).



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