Writer’s Day! (#SFWApro)


(Photo by William Stolley, all rights reside with him. That’s me on the right front)

One of my colleagues in the writing group used to hold a writer’s day one Sunday a month: come, bring food, sit around and write. Or talk. Or both. I only made one (she lives a bit far out) but I liked it. So as she’s been too busy to host one in a while, I volunteered and last Sunday was it.

I had no intentions of cleaning the house the way I do for the Christmas party—just the bathrooms and the kitchen. But I also had to do a fair amount (with TYG’s help) to make the living room and dining room livable for people who weren’t us, clearing away enough stuff they had places to sit, write, eat. It took more time than I thought. I also used the pens we confine Plushie in when we have to leave the house without him (he chews stuff) as gates cross the living room. That way there was no risk of Plushie or Trixie running outside when the door was open, and anyone who wanted to write without them demanding attention could do so in the dining room.

I made chili, both spicy (well by my standards) and not (the big difference was whether I used regular vegetarian sausage or a chipotle-based sausage), plus two recipes of cornbread. All well received, though the spicy chili was so much more popular, if/when I do this again, I’ll probably just make a larger pot.

Unsurprisingly, the dozen or so people who showed up and me spent a lot of time talking (writing, reading, politics) and petting the dogs (as you know if you follow my blog, they’re darn cute). I wasn’t sure how much writing we’d get done, particularly me, but we did have long stretches of writing so I was able to catch up the couple of hours I missed last week. And I didn’t feel as forced as when I’m by myself and I try to make myself write on the weekends (usually it doesn’t go well).

Plus my guests brought some great food: lemon rice with veggies, chess squares (sweet dessert, though I don’t get why they’re “chess”), potato pancakes, fried plantains (first time I’ve had plantains).

It was fun, and whenever I do it again, I think I’ll be able to do it with much less pre-event work, which will be nice. The fact we had an unrelated party on Friday made a difference, as it squeezed a lot of stuff into Saturday.

And as a thanks for coming over, here are some of the guests’ blogs or websites (I don’t know them all):

Jen V.


Bill Ferris

The Adventures of MechaBetty.

Ada Milenkovic Brown.

Emiloid’s YouTube Channel.

And one more photo (Bill Stolley again) before I go:



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