August in my rear view mirror (#SFWApro)

I accomplished 78 percent of my listed goals for August, so I’m pleased. To celebrate, here’s my glamor shot of Plush Dog.

plush glamorI completed almost all my writing goals and several important non-writing ones (arranging for our shed roof repairs, for instance). Among the 20 percent I didn’t get finished are some, such as bicycling, that just weren’t practical in this heat. Other goals were partially completed, such as the amount of voice practice (as I’ve mentioned before, I have come to breathe very poorly when I talk, and I’m trying to correct that); sign language practice on the other hand, was virtually nil (I think I see a way to fixing that this month).

One goal I’ve had for a while is to take off one day during the month (discounting the first three months of the year when I was working on Now and Then We Time Travel) for extra cleaning, errands or what-have-you. There hasn’t been much point to it until August because we were traveling enough that I had travel days in April, May, June and July, so August was the first month it mattered. Despite the dogs’ mild disapproval (lots of me getting off the couch and not to get them treats, either), I managed to clean the fridge, wipe the stainless steel down in the kitchen, clean up some floor stains, and do a little planning (like figuring out when I can finally get back to doing some theater).

The most frustrating are the goals I keep putting down but never accomplish. There’s a local film group I’d like to spend time with more — TYG likes them too — but somehow our schedule never quite works out (either no time or we’re too wiped to make the effort).  I doubt we’ll do it this month either because we have quite a few events to attend, even though we’re not going to DragonCon this year.

One disappointment was that I’d applied as a guest at Roanoke’s Mysticon (I have a friend living near there) but didn’t make the cut. I do want to expand my con-going beyond Illogicon and this would have worked well. If things work out, I may make it as a regular attendee, but a guest invite would certainly have pushed me to make the effort.

And now we’re into September—why yes, the year does go fast, doesn’t it?


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