Trump isn’t racist, criticizing him is racist! Political links

One of the standard defenses of  WASP (or people who have some part of the WASP privilege) male bigots against people who are Not Them is that the WASP bigots are perfectly happy not bringing up race or demanding special privileges for race or gender, etc. (as if they don’t already have any). No, it’s the minorities and women demanding equal treatment who are the problem—always talking about how they deserve more just for being black/female/Muslim. They’re the bigots, they’re the ones playing the victim card (though of course when WASP bigots talk about themselves being victims, that’s completely justified. Only minorities can be accused of playing the victim).

Trust Trump to take it further. Sure, he may have said a judge who ruled against him was biased because he was Mexican, but that’s not racist! It was Paul Ryan criticizing Trump that was racist! Trump was exposing racism!

•Instead of being so concerned about Trump’s bigotry, perhaps Republican officials should reject it? But just as surely, they won’t. New York Magazine argues that the Republicans will play ball with Trump if he wins (they’ll need him to get their agenda passed)—as I said in my last column, the system won’t restrain him

•NY Mag also suggests that given the issues and racism in play, that the Dems are going with a woman for president is almost the least remarkable part of the current race. Not to mention that instead of trying to duck the abortion issue, Clinton has come out in favor of ending the Hyde amendment that bans Medicaid paying for women’s abortions.

•The New York Times discovered that even when the Atlantic City casino industry was booming, Trump’s casinos hemorrhaged money. However Trump found a way to make out like bandits while others (contractors, investors) got the short end of the stick.

•The NHTSA says self-driving cars would need to double their safety level to reduce road deaths.

•Mergers can shut down hospitals or make types of care (birth control if the new owner is Catholic, say) harder to get. But state rules don’t usually protect against this.

•The FDA needs to do a better job on recalls for tainted food.

•NC right-wing politician Renee Ellmers is (as noted at the link) anti-Muslim, anti-abortion, and thinks Obama is a socialist. But she lost for not being right-wing enough. Roy Edroso breaks down where she fell short.

•Erik Loomis suggests ten rules that should apply to American companies’ supply chain anywhere in the world. I think it sounds good—and it wouldn’t hurt America’s own economy if firms couldn’t outsource to places where unionbusting, sexual harassment and unsafe working conditions went uncontestd.

•So a prosecutor apparently approves perjury to ensure a murderer gets a death sentence. When the murderer challenges his sentence, he wins; the state appeal goes before Judge Ronald Castille, formerly the prosecutor in the case. Castille refuses to recuse himself and rules against the guy. The Supreme Court has ruled that no, that’s not acceptable, with John Roberts and Clarence Thomas dissenting. Which proves that whether Clinton or Trump gets to fill the missing Supreme seat is indeed a matter of importance.


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