Running for president and more: political links.

Roy Edroso looks at the short-lived campaign to run gay-loather, sex-negative, anti-abortion, anti-birth control right-blogger David French for president. Whose arguments include that big government is to blame for casual sex (here’s another blogger making a similar point)

•Why is there so much hostility to Clinton? Certainly not gender, according to David Brooks, it’s that she has no hobbies. Echidne imagines how different it would be if Hilary were Harry Clinton. And a Nation article looks at how reporters feel compelled to treat both sides as equivalent, even when one is open about loathing Muslims, Mexicans and women and threatening libel suits against reporters (and other anti-media tactics), while the other is not.

•Republicans wave the attack on our embassy in Benghazi as proof of Clinton’s unfitness. Despite 13 attacks on embassies during Bush’s eight years, they didn’t think that disqualified W for the Oval Office.

•Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson is a former Republican governor, but some right-bloggers say he’s not conservative enough to be the Trump alternative.

•Voting for Trump to shake government up is like nuking your neighborhood to kill Japanese beetles on your rosebushes. At the link, Echidne dissects an argument why liberals should vote Trump. LGM demolishes the same argument.

•Trump may talk about how hard the working class has gotten screwed, but he’s not above using bankruptcy to screw his own employees over.

•To give credit where it’s due, some Republicans do acknowledge Trump is unfit to be president. Other Republicans, not so much—after all, Trump’s racist criticism of a judge who made an unfavorable ruling is the Republican norm. And Mark Helperin says “Mexican” isn’t a racial term so Trump’s attack wasn’t racist.

•John Scalzi looks at the greatness of Muhammed Ali. While I’m not a boxing fan, I think Scalzi nails it. And that the changing perceptions of boxing as a cool sport make it harder for later generations to appreciate.

•The FBI is trying to set up a tattoo database that will enable the feds to profile ethnicity, politics, gang ties and religion. The Electronic Frontier Foundation looks at how this could work. EFF also links to a lawsuit about LAPD cops forcing strippers to remove pieces of clothing so the cops could photograph their tats.

•Another broadband CEO says data caps aren’t needed to allocate data, as the cost of supplying broadband keeps dropping.

•The US nuclear system’s computers run on floppy disks. In comments at the link, there are arguments this isn’t such a bad thing (harder to hack, for instance).

•The age of antibiotics may be over. Lawmakers are pushing to find new ones. A shame we can’t blame terrorists, that would guarantee unlimited funds for research.




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