My Fort Walton Beach trip: some photos (#SFWApro)

I didn’t take a lot of pictures when I visited Ft. Walton Beach last week but here are some of the ones I did. Of course there are lots of sensations photos can’t capture, like the oh-I’d-forgotten-this sensation of having my glasses mist over as soon as I stepped out of the air-conditioned car, but the images will have to do.

bird stick 2From Liza Jackson Park. I know I’m a tourist know because I’m taking what my friend Tina calls “bird on a stick” photos.

ducksDucks from the narrow beach at the same park.

meggieMy friend Cindy’s 40-pound chow mix Meggie Sue. A very sweet dog who loves to cuddle and get scratched.

me and womenMy friend Rhonda on my right, April on my left. We had dinner (along with April’s husband John), at Thaiger. Tasty Thai restaurant.

bright ballsMy eyes … HURT!

mumMum (Tracy holding her hand).

dadMy Dad.

tracyTracy at work. Regrettably my only shot of Cindy came out too blurred to use.

pelican2Pelicans over the beach.

the beachThe white sands of the beach.

white beach flowerThe dunes behind the white beach sands.. I don’t know what the flower is.

Copyright to all photos is mine. If anyone wishes to use them, please acknowledge me.


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