Devoured by Dogs — one of those demanding puppy-care weeks (#SFWApro)

lily paniniSo for the second time we dog-sat for Lily, Trixie’s bestie from down the street (shown lying on the opposite side of my leg while Trixie takes the left). Turns out three dogs is much tougher to deal with than when I could watch TV part of the time and count it as productive time. At a couple of moments, the dogs were packed so close together with me that it was almost impossible to work on my computer without resting it on one of them (and that doesn’t go well).

On the plus side, she’s a very sweet dog, and she and Trixie have so much fun together, I don’t really mind. Though I do wish they’d done a better job working out sleeping arrangements—Tuesday night there was no end of shifting and changing as they debated who deserved to sleep closest to us. Astonishingly, I didn’t sleep well through all that.

This didn’t do my schedule any good—I’d forgotten how much work an extra dog makes or I’d have done more work before Lily arrived.

And then Plushie came down with another bout of his back problems (lhasa apsos are prone to neck injuries). It’s very slight because we caught it early—fortunately TYG saw him when he was having some sort of spasm and even though everything seemed to be fine, thought we should check it out. The vet confirmed it was real—he needs two weeks crate rest to get back on his feet (and we’ll probably want to gate off the stairs so he can’t just run up them when he feels like it). But that’s way better than the five weeks we endured back in 2014, and he only has to stay in a pen, not a crate, so we can sit in there with him (you can see my arm and lap desk in there with Plushie in the photo below). I wasn’t planning to, and even with a supporting pillow behind me, it’s murder on my back — but I can’t stay strong when he gives those heart-rending little-puppy moans.

IMG_0741Trixie, unfortunately, can’t share the cage (it wouldn’t lead to a resting back) so I have to divide my time between staying in the cage with Plushie and sitting out to pet her. This, unsurprisingly, has turned out rather distracting—while I tried to keep working by doing relatively undemanding stuff (reading some craft-of-writing books I find valuable) ultimately I can’t really credit myself with a full 40 hours writing this week (I’m posting this wrap-up earlier than usual today because I doubt that’ll change this afternoon).

That said, I did get a good deal done. I hit 14,000 words for the rewrite of Southern Discomfort which is more than I’d expected this month (and the month isn’t over, of course). I submitted all my available stories to one market or another; as of today, all of them are still out. I rewrote my short story It’s Never Jam Today and started revising Impossible Takes a Little Longer (the reasons for revising it will have to wait for a separate post). I was going to do a big rewrite on The Glory That Was but danged if it didn’t look great the way it is after a few changes to the end for character consistency. I’d stopped sending it out until I could rewrite it but now I think I’ll look for a possible market later this month (I will read it to the writing group soon as possible, though, to get some feedback).




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