Bathroom nightmares and other links (#SFWApro)

•Conservatives justify “use the right bathroom for your gender” bills by saying they’re protecting women and children. They didn’t have that problem when blacks used one unisex colored bathroom. And as for protecting, both cops and everyday people are harassing women who enter the ladies room without looking girlie enough.

North Carolina is feeling the heat for its now-infamous HB2 policy. And the article at the first link reveals an Alabama town with the toughest bathroom ordinance has now backed off. However despite the financial costs to NC, AG candidate Buck Newton says we need HB2 to keep our state straight.

•Maureen Dowd is infamous in the left-wing blogosphere for snarking about the masculinity of Republican men, the effiminacy of Democratic men (“Al Gore is so in touch with his feminine side he’s practically lactating.”) and the unfemininesss of Democratic women. So her take on Clinton vs. Trump is not a surprise. And she’s the second columnist I’ve seen identify Trump’s ego as proof he’s really girly (because guys don’t have touchy egos. No, seriously, they said it).

•Jamelle Boulle points out that Trump doesn’t appeal to the working class but specifically the white working class.

•Trump’s wife Melania objects to a profile about her. The response from Trump followers: death threats and anti-semitic slurs.

•A writer argues there’s no way to pretend evangelical Trump voters aren’t real evangelicals.

•National Review’s David French assures us he likes Prince, it’s just wrong for us to be upset he’s dead. Because somehow when we mourn, it’s all about us. Small wonder National Review can’t make a profit.

•Samantha Field points out that even if patriarchy hurts men, feminism is not primarily about men. Which I’d agree with. Conservatives often whinge that if feminists truly wanted both genders equal, they’d protest injustices against men. Feminism, however, developed to tackle a specific issue, injustice and discrimination against women. It’s appropriate to prioritize that, and no, not a scheme for female supremacy.

•So at Wheaton College, a professor who says Muslims and Christians worship the same god must be terminated. But board members testifying in support of a child molester is a-OK.

•Kenya relies on anal probing to determine whether someone has had gay sex.

•Police break into a house where the owners run a medical marijuana dispensary. Drug-dealer charges are dropped, but the family found it’s not so easy to get stuff back once the cops seize it. In another case of cops seizing someone’s assets, they took $53,000 from a charity organizer despite finding no drugs on him or in his car. In some cases, police simply let drug dealers deliver the drugs and only stop them when they have cash.

•Police shot Tamir Rice for pulling out what turned out to be a toy gun (he’s a kid). Now that the family has settled, the police union spokesman says they should spend the money to teach kids toy guns are dangerous. Not, say, to have police work harder to recognize a toy gun. And as noted at the link, Ohio (where the shooting took place) is open carry, so it’ s not like police gun down everyone who’s packing… but of course, everyone isn’t black.

•I mentioned a while back that Amazon’s same-day service in some cities skips black neighborhoods. The company is working to fix that.


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