Assorted political links

Verizon has settled with the FCC over its habit of tracking everything users do online, no opt out.

•A scam artist bought information from data brokers, then sucked money from consumers’ bank accounts just because it could.

•Ovation Brands recently filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy. There are many er, interesting features to the bankruptcy such as the company auctioning off lots of equipment without telling its bankruptcy attorneys or the bankruptcy court.

•The FCC struggles to find ways for prisoners to pay less for phone calls.

•A libertarian argument that welfare is not automatically un-libertarian.

•The phrase “wingnut welfare” for the various foundations and donors who pay for right-wing punditry has been around a while in the left-wing blogosphere. Case in point, National Review is always ready to condemn welfare and endorse the glories of success through hard work, but it actually loses money. At the link, the magazine asks readers to kick in and pay the magazine’s legal costs in a lawsuit. And here’s an example of their brilliant political analysis.

•Where Internet competition exists, it lowers prices. Small wonder Internet companies hate community broadband.

•Even though debtors’ prison is illegal, poor people who can’t pay court fees or fines can wind up in jail. The DOJ says bad idea!

•Another good move from Obama—no offshore drilling in the Atlantic.

•Even with insurance, cancer can devastate you financially.

•A right-wing activist insists that criticizing the police is playing the race card and getting officers killed (curiously these rants never mention G. Gordon Liddy, the right-winger who once instructed listeners on how to shoot federal agents in body armor). Oh plus criticism is just the front of a secret conspiracy to nationalize America’s police!

•Charter schools are just as likely as public schools to suspend black or disabled students at a higher rate than whites.

•Some conservative evangelicals are happy to portray Trump voters as not really evangelical.

*Just as some whites and Christians think they’re an oppressed minority, so Trump imagines the world laughs at America for being puny. He’s not unique: I’ve read lots of right-wing commentary discussing how we Look Weak or everyone will kill us if we don’t project strength. I’ve touched on that before.

•Ads on the mobile web suck up anywhere from 18 percent to 79 percent of your data allowance.

•If an app eavesdrops on you or collects data, the maker should tell you.

•A standard solution to unemployment is that people should just move where the jobs are. Here are the reasons why they don’t.

•How Texas’ abortion restrictions force women to drive across country to get an abortion.


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