Well, that wasn’t too bad after all (#SFWApro)

Despite not getting any work done yesterday, I ended up only three hours short of 40 for the week. Credit goes to a couple of early mornings (unplanned) and to having made allowance for my trip to the doctor and at least some of my errands yesterday, so I’d never planned on it being a full week.

Credit also goes to being able to exercise (at least indoors) and get work done at the same time. And cook and get work done at the same time: I made whole-wheat bread Monday while watching something on YouTube. I have been reflecting I may have to be more careful with my time once the time-travel book wraps up and I’m just writing again, as I can’t simultaneously exercise and work on a novel.

The week went very well. I had around 48 possible items left at the start of the week, and now they’re down to around 16. Once again, I wasn’t watching every episode of some series, and several things turned out to be foreign or non-time travel so they didn’t need detailed viewing. I also discovered no less than four Russian time-travel films that I promptly added to the appendix (thank God I don’t have to view them for that).

And that was pretty much my week. Nothing special, no spectacular breakthroughs, just solid and productive. But that’ll get the job done. Sorry it doesn’t make for more interesting reading though.

Below is an example of the kind of paperback that intrigues me. It’s not the cover, though I do like it (art uncredited, all rights to current holder), but the author, one of countless paperback SF authors from the 1960s that got published yet never seem to have made a lasting imprint. Not that Galouye is bad—I quite liked Lords of the Psychon—but he slipped into that hole so many writers do. In a strange way, that often makes me more interested in reading them.



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