Monday morning linkage of a political kind

According to sexist Matt Forney (who also complains confident women make his dick limp), feminists want to be raped, and rape is a left-wing idea. By Forney’s non-logic, rape is just redistributing sex and left-wingers believe in redistribution through taxes and welfare, so … More stupidity at the (non-direct) link.

•Antigovernment activists are shocked and appalled at the government busting Vanilla Isis.

•Christian Science Monitor looks at what Texas’ anti-abortion laws are like on the ground.

•Another CSM article reports on new trials for Guatemalan civil-war crimes, such as sex slavery and rape.

•Donald Trump has been called to testify in a federal case charging Trump University was just a scam. Perhaps it’s not surprising he now wants to change libel law to make it easier to sue reporters who “purposefully” write “negative and horrible and false articles.” Of course, if he can actually prove a story is purposefully false and negative, then he can win under current libel law—I have a strange feeling it’s the “negative” part that he’s concerned with. More details on Trump University here.

•I linked a little while back to an account of a libertarian complaining about Twitter moving against online harassment. Now Megan McArdle ponders why Tweeter seems to be banning more “angry loud conservatives” since obviously it couldn’t be that right-wingers are worse. And in any case, she’s only looking at it as a business question: surely it’s bad to alienate users when your number of users has flatlined (which she says it has)?

•A lawsuit over what defines reporting to work is going before a federal judge.

•Closing the Guantanamo Bay prison is just like Andrew Jackson sending the Cherokee on the Trail of Tears, according to Republican Darrel Issa.

•How much are Trump’s evangelical supporters influenced by the prosperity gospel? And some Christian Trump supporters see him as Cyrus the Great, the secular figure who will restore them to their rightful glory.

•Pennsylvania is investigating whether Verizon is maintaining its landline service adequately.

•Here’s an interesting online campaign: spotlighting guys who complain about women showing too much skin but have no qualms about going shirtless.

•AT&T is fighting in court to make it harder for Google Fiber to enter the Louisville market.


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