Valentine’s Day (#SFWApro)

I got TYG a card, made her toffee bars (her new favorite homemade dessert) and made zucchini lasagna. Which isn’t exactly for her (unlike the toffee bars, she’ll have to share) but it’s a labor-intensive dish so I don’t make it that often.

•She brought some loose-leaf tea back from her Canada trip. Two kinds, both good.

•Went out to catch Hail Caesar!

•Had dinner at a local Italian place (our favorite restaurant, Sage, is closed Sunday).

plush thoughtAnd just for the heck of it, here’s Plushie contemplating whether the real world is just shadows on the wall of a cave like Plato says. Trixie’s tried convincing him Bishop Berkeley was right and the real world is just a manifestation in the mind of God, but Plushie is unconvinced.



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