New York, New York, It’s a Wonderful Town: Visiting the Met (#SFWApro)

I hit Starbucks early Tuesday morning, and discovered that, as predicted, it was freezing out. Really, really, really cold. Still, tea helped. Then we hit a nearby diner for omelets. Then after the move, we headed to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This took a freezing, short walk to the subway. Then after we got up, a few blocks to “Museum Mile.” Again, freezing or I’d have taken more skyline photos.

The Met was absolutely awesome. We were there about 3.5 to 4.5 hours and I must admit by the end I was on sensory overload—just so much stuff! I had the same problem with the Louvre many years ago.


We started with the awesome Egyptian exhibit, then hit one on “Gilded Age’ furniture (quite cool—see the clock below) and then a costume exhibit.

dragonclock 2


Then we headed upstairs to 19th century European painting: Monet (a personal favorite) Manet, Pisarro, Degas, a Picasso, a lot of Van Gogh, several cool artists I’d never heard of. Also a study for the classic pointillist work “Sunday in the Park.” Just so much great stuff …


oh, and to get to it we had to work through the Assyrian and Middle Eastern art, which was awesome too.

big assyrian

And by that point we were exhausted so we took taxi home rather than face the cold.

That evening we were supposed to take the subway to Brooklyn where one of TYG’s friends runs a bar. However the subway trains were screwed up so after 20 minutes of waiting for the one we needed we called it a night and headed to a nearby Italian place. Good food, but this was the place I mentioned yesterday where they tried not bringing TYG her change. And I must admit, I was happier going back to our room than traveling an hour across New York.

PS: I was amused to discover “FBI Van Network No.8” among the Wi-Fi networks my laptop picked up (couldn’t access it, didn’t try, but it was still amusing).


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