For obvious reasons, a review of my work week would be superfluous would it not? (#SFWApro)

I mean, what’s there to say? I think I got maybe a total of 10 hours done, tops, not counting blogging. The rest of the time it was naps, pups, reading, occasionally cooking, watching movies, letting mind wander, coughing violently.

In most ways I’ve substantially improved, but I’m tired, weak and easily exhausted. I’m also slightly nauseous which could be the strain on my diaphragm,a side effect of the drugs or all the tea I drink (it’s not the best thing when one is acid-reflux prone)or just stress.Or something completely new. Hopefully not that final choice, I really need to get back in action.

Hopefully by  Monday I’ll be back up to normal, or at least normal enough that I can resume watching TV for the time-travel book.


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