There’s got to be a morning after (#SFWApro)

Even the nights are better now, though far from cured. I spent last night sitting in a corner of the couch, propped up by pillows. Apparently this puts less pressure on my chest and throat than even my recliner, because I slept a lot better (Ambien helped), with fewer coughing fits.

But the fits did come, and even Ambien’s power to put me to sleep couldn’t keep me from waking up to hack (though my emeergency asthma inhaler did calm the coughing down). So I’m now feeling a little groggy, the typical result of taking a sleep drug, then getting less-than-enough sleep after all. I feel like I could drop off again at any minute; good thing I’m not operating any heavy industrial machinery this morning.

My performance for the day shall probably depend on how I feel after I take another nap. But at least it’s another day of progress.


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