The Internet of Things and its discontents (and other links)

Yes, we could end up with everything in our homes interlinked and networked. Or with multiple incompatible devices that won’t work well together.

•A new paper argues that sure, we’re losing privacy due to big data, but think about the net benefits! Which is the same kind of techno-utopianism I criticized in this post.

•Tying both together, we have a hacker who got into a homeowner’s wifi by hacking the teakettle.

•Slacktivist reminds us that Elkader, Iowa, is named for a Arab Muslim warrior who defended Christians.

•A playwright casts a white guy as Martin Luther King on the grounds King transcended race.

•Right-wingers are screaming that the Oregon campus shooting wouldn’t have happened if more people had guns. Except the campus allows guns, and it still didn’t help (as detailed at the link, it rarely does).

•Is Trump a fascist? David Niewert (who writes a lot about the topic and knows a lot about it) says no, but he’s alarmingly close.

•Consumerist explains why Comcast’s “use more data pay more money” theory of data caps is not as logical as it sounds.

•Another Consumerist post, on the risk of feeding antibiotics to farm animals.

•A massive merger in the beer industry is a world of win according to the beer companies involved.

•Would you believe there’s a black market for stolen chicken wings?

•I recently linked to Erick Erickson saying his folks wouldn’t let him eat Asian food on Dec. 7. His mother says that’s not true. Erickson’s response: she’s old and doesn’t remember.

•So Abigail Fisher, a white student, applied to the University of Texas and didn’t meet their standards. But since some underperforming nonwhite students got in, she’s suing to overturn affirmative action, even though she wouldn’t qualify under a race-neutral policy. However the case has reached the Supreme Court and Justice Scalia thinks overturning affirmative action is a good thing, because stupid black people won’t be thrown into a college environment they can’t keep up with.

First response: affirmative action students don’t do that much worse than anyone else, on average (or so I’ve read). Second: where is all the concern for the underperformers who get in as legacy admissions (George W. Bush, for instance) or the students who get a bonus on their admissions because they’re in-state. Etc,etc. More at the link.



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