The Planned Parenthood terrorist and other links

Right-to-lifers are shocked, shocked and appalled that anyone would connect their “baby killers need to die” rhetoric with the Planned Parenthood attack. Digby has no sympathy for them. Echidne points out that in cases like that, people parse the motives (maybe he wasn’t after Planned Parenthood?) in a way they don’t do with say, the Paris attacks. More from We Hunted the Mammoth. Katha Pollitt says yes it’s terrorism and points out another double standard: conservatives who think Black Lives Matter contributes to police shootings and that all Muslims should feel responsible for Islamic terrorism insist there’s no connection between “abortion is the new Holocaust!” and people killing to save the unborn babies.

•Yahoo’s Internet business is doing poorly enough, the company is considering getting out of it altogether.

•What can happen when prosecutors go bad.

•The government allows water polluters to trade credits—a high polluter can pay for a low polluter’s credit bank, for instance. But as noted at the link, the program is flawed, and in businesses’ favor.

•Two California charities that accepted donated cars spent almost all the money on their own operations rather than helping people.

•Google allegedly breaks its promise not to spy on school kids’ online activities.

•You’ve probably heard about the company that jacked up the price of one of its drugs to $750 just because it could. Express Scripts is offering a comparable drug for $1.

•A plane crew refuses to allow a man to board his flight because, they say, they weren’t comfortable around him.

•Trump’s supporters are mouthing increasingly nasty views. Though nothing that surprises me. But you’ll be pleased to know Trump’s extremism is popular because of liberals, not Republicans. Because obviously the enthusiasm for Trump’s plan to crush the Middle East, take their oil and waterboard accused terrorists (if they’re not guilty, they had it coming anywhere) is because of Obamacare and food stamps.


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