New And column and other links

The new column is on the current furor over the Syrian immigrant menace and how much it resembles past freak-outs over Japanese, Jewish and Catholic immigrants.

•Speaking of which, the Holocaust Museum reminds us that refusing refugees can get them killed.

•Digby takes a closer look at Eric Erickson’s whine about how he’s too scared to go to the movies without a gun. Digby also pokes holes in Erickson’s claim that he’s not afraid of ordinary shooters, it’s only Muslims that are scary. Tell that to people involved in a movie theater argument that elevated to a shooting, a shooting in Tennessee, or the retired cop who killed a man for texting in a movie theater (but had been texting himself). John Scalzi, while not specifically referencing Erickson, suggests being terrified is not a good approach to this crisis, or to life (an FB friend of mine discussed how liberals are all advocating letting people in because they’re acting on feelings—like fear isn’t a feeling?).

•Speaking of guns, Digby also covers a group of armed anti-Muslim activists waving guns outside a mosque while insisting that Muslims are sooo scary it’s not safe to confront them unarmed. I can just imagine the reaction if a bunch of Muslims did this outside a church …

•Right-wing columnist Kurt Schlichter fantasizes about how real men would crush ISIS. Ben Carson thinks we should bring back torture because not using it is just political correctness.

•Antonin Scalia thinks of himself as a strict interpreter of the Constitution. Scott Lemieux shows the holes in his pose.

•McDonalds has settled claims of discrimination against immigrants for $355,000.

•The sugar and corn industries settle a lawsuit over whether high fructose corn syrup can be called “corn sugar.” Somehow when libertarians complain about “frivolous” lawsuits they never mean this kind of B2B four-year legal battle—it’s only frivolous when ordinary people file suits.

•Scott Adams explains that even if he buys a woman dinner, she gets to decide whether they have sex or not, so therefore we live in a matriarchy. And that men are driven to commit terrorist acts partly because they don’t have enough sex (a common view).  As noted at the first link, Adams doesn’t explain what the alternative is to letting the woman decide (but he’s on the record with saying the problem with rape laws is that they make natural male behavior illegal). Nor does he consider that the man can refuse too, and some men, with a given women, may indeed say no (if any date had ever told me “But you agree about the Holocaust, right? The Jews had it coming.” I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have put out).

•Jennifer Lawrence says a lot of guys act like jerks with her. Men’s rights activists freak out and explain how she has it coming.

•Trump lies about how almost 90 percent of whites who get shot are shot by blacks.

•An FBI informant flirts with an activist and pushes him to organize a terrorist plot. The FBI covers up how much it directed her in manipulating him, so that it would like the target was the real ringleader.



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