Not rendering unto Caesar (and other links)

Kentucky clerk of court Kim Davis is going back to court to fight for her right to discriminate against gay couples. That Kentucky’s new governor-elect, Matt Bevin, is on her side probably gives her new hope too. Bevin’s proposal is that, as in Oklahoma earlier this year, the government stop issuing marriage licenses or make it automatic: you download the form and present it to someone “with authority to approve or solemnize a marriage contract” after which you record it with the government.

Given my complete cynicism about Christian theocrats, I wonder who will be given the authority to “solemnize” a marriage contract—will Kentucky follow Oklahoma, where the no civil-marriage bill (which stopped dead in the Senate back in March) only allows Christian and Jewish clergy to make a marriage and everyone else must get a “common law” marriage? If it works out where everyone gets a chance to have a legitimate marriage certificate great, but I’ll believe that when I see it. And in any case, all this effort to save a government employee from serving the public is just wrong.

•Over at The Federalist, a writer mansplains that as women aren’t capable of grasping the principles of limited government, conservatives should scare them with stories that will open their eyes to Government Is Bad. Also bad: women having sex, independent women, women running society, abortion.

•Men, like women, have a harder time conceiving healthy kids as they get older. One conservative concludes this proves birth control is bad. Presumably he imagines the only people who use it are slutty sluts having too much sex.

•Debt collection is often an unethical business and a lot of the targets don’t know their rights. Which is one of several reasons to worry about a Congressional proposal the IRS use private debt collectors (other issues being that where this has been tried, the companies suck up a lot of the money and the feds get less).

•David Barton claims the Founding Fathers were theocratic Christians and minimum wage laws are unbiblical. He does this by making shit up, but that’s good enough for a lot of conservatives to embrace him (to their credit, some denounce him).

•A look at Jeb Bush’s role in the disputed Florida count of 2000 that gave us Jeb’s brother in the White House.


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