Last week and October (#SFWApro)

Being off for two days, last week was obviously not as productive as usual. I did finally catch up and do my 10,000 words of Southern Discomfort for October, plus reworking my theater story, Backstage With the Dead (I Think). I have two different versions now, depending how much meaning the ghost has—I’ll decide this month which one is best. I also got my time travel viewing done for the week, and that was pretty much it.

For the month as a whole, I accomplished 70 percent of my goals. Mostly it was little personal things, like working on dog training, that I didn’t get done. As far as the writing goes, I did pretty much everything I wanted to:  And columns in (new one now out), queries sent, fiction written. Even a small amount of added money coming in, though way too small to suit me. A couple of things I didn’t get done—submitting Questionable Minds to an agent—because of the lost time last week, but I have the agent targeted and I should have the proposal worked out and sent by month’s end.

Today I’m taking off to catch up on various errands that have built up over the weekend (arranging more contractors, calling a friend who needs moral support, etc.). Then back into action tomorrow.



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