Fraser Sherman, you have failed this schedule, he said in his best “Arrow” voice (#SFWApro)

Suffice to say, the disruptions I talked about Wednesday continued yesterday and today—enough that I fell several hours short of 40. I’m not kicking myself—I could probably make it up in the extra over-40 hours from previous weeks—though it does leave me behind on a couple of things. Not fatally so, though.

So what did I get done?

•I put in a lot of work on The Schloss and the Switchblade short story, but without bringing it any closer to workable. I’ve analyzed what I don’t like about it successfully, but I can’t see how to fix the problem.

•I watched plenty of material for the time-travel book, though I came in slightly under quota.

•I sent off one story and got it back almost immediately (the magazine had run something extremely similar just recently). But to make up for it Space and Time took “End of the World on the Cutting-Room Floor.”

•I got another special assignment from Demand Media. I’d hoped to wrap that up today, but no.

•I got out two magazine query and queries for various freelance gigs.

What I didn’t get done was another query or two that’s almost ready to go, my next And column and the Demand Media piece. And I’d anticipated watching a couple more movies this afternoon.

As I’ve mentioned before, sooner or later an off week is probably inevitable. So now it’s done and hopefully I’ll be more efficient next week. Certainly there aren’t any massive disruptions on the schedule … yet.


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