I made it to the finish (#SFWApro)

Which is to say, I feel remarkably wiped out, but I put in my 40 hours and they were productive. So I’m knocking off.

I’m still online to finish up my list of time-travel movies by the end of October. With the caveat that new ones or undiscovered ones may pop up yet (I found a couple today) and there are some I want to rewatch. But even with all the TV yet to view, it’s good the end of part of this is in sight.

I submitted article queries to two markets, applied for four different freelance gigs and sent in two shorts.

I reworked the ending of No Good Deed Goes Unpunished, based on an editor’s suggestion about why it didn’t work. I also rewrote The Stage Is a World (still looking for a better title) and it looks really good. I sent a beta copy to my best friend, who’s also part of the same community theater that I’m modeling the story on. Unless she spots some problems, I think it’ll be ready to go next month, after one more read-through.

On the downside, I didn’t get anything done on Southern Discomfort. As usual my “just write a couple of pages every evening” never seems to work out. Of course evening writing usually doesn’t work for me, which is why I avoid it. I’m tired at the end of the day, and after TYG comes home I’m usually more interested in her. I’d thought two pages would be doable, but apparently not, or at least not consistently. Fortunately I’m not depending on that to get the book done, but it would have helped.

Today, I just seemed to slump. Still got the work done, but I was doing some research reading for the time-travel book and it was very hard to focus. Sometimes the distraction factor in having the dogs around is just too high, even with one day a week to myself (doggy day-care is my friend). I shifted to another room while they were dozing and the reading did go a little faster—I may try that again (they can get pretty frantic when I do that though. Separation anxiety is not my friend).

IMG_0535While the dogs were in daycare yesterday I did take a trip to Barnes & Noble on my bicycle, to check out possible markets for some ideas. I must be doing something right because a lot of times I just wind up wandering vaguely through the magazine section. This time I actually came back with solid target markets, two of them the recipients of the query letters today.

Oh, and while I was bicycling along the American Tobacco Trail, I saw the gentleman to the left. As the trail is car-free and even bike traffic was low yesterday, I decided to let him continue on his way rather than transport him to the trailside.


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