Puppies in prison and other events from my week (#SFWApro)

IMG_0528When Plushie went on crate rest, we put him in a crate (of course). Then after that we kept him separated from Trixie for the longest while by this fence, for fear their rough-housing would reinjure his neck. But they love to play together so eventually the pen went away.

It came back Tuesday. We had plumbers in for some preventive maintenance (new taps, caulking, etc.) and there was a lot of it. So I pinned Plushie and Trixie up for the several hours it took (they like the plumbers, but they’d also be sniffing and licking at lots of things they shouldn’t be sniffing or licking at). Unfortunately the Plush One hates being caged, even though I’d maximized the space to about a third of the living room. In between quiet moments like this he was banging at the bars, moaning aloud … I didn’t get much work down (not that I usually do when contractors are here).

Even so I made my 40 hours and they were productive. I can wrap up my films for the time-travel book by the end of the month if I stay on track; I submitted four stories (one’s back already), two magazine queries and four responses to “looking for a freelancer” online postings (one back but it’s not going to pay enough to justify taking the job). As I noted Wednesday, I got several thousand words done on Southern Discomforts, albeit by posting a couple of key scenes from the previous draft into this one (not cheating, this was the place to put them).

I also indexed the first two chapters of the time-travel book. I want to have a rough index ready before I submit the manuscript because it often helps me catch spelling errors, and it’s less stressful than starting from scratch when I get the galleys (it’s still a pain in the butt—most “index” features don’t work for this kind of manuscript—but hopefully less of a pain).

I am now shutting off my computer and preparing for a hopefully relaxing weekend. Reviews of stuff tomorrow.


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