Goal-setting and its effects (#SFWApro)

So I wrapped up this month’s list of goals with 78 percent completed. They range from the trivial (put bird seed in the feeder every week) to the significant:

•Three short stories submitted.

Impossible Takes a Little Longer submitted.

•10,000 words on Southern Discomfort.

•Six queries for articles or freelance gigs.

•Forty hours of work a week.

•Two hours of practice on controlling my breath better when I speak (it gets hoarse fast).

•Finishing my rewrite of “Fiddler’s Black.”

•Using sunscreen regularly when I walked the dogs.

•Twenty hours of fiction writing.

Normally goals are more like a road map than a stimulus to getting work done, but not this month. I really had to hustle to make the 10,000 words. Not to mention prompting me to submit Impossible—for some reason I’m much slacker about submitting novels than short stories.

Unlike the 101 in 1,001, my monthly goals tend to be small and practical, though they add up to quite a bit when all pooled together. While I’d like more sales and money, I feel quite proud of my work ethic this month, particularly this week when I had to deal with a dental appointment (all well), and plumbers, and the heat-pump annual checkup (we’re doing a lot of preventive maintenance, as I’ve probably mentioned).

Bring on October!

But first, just because I love her, here’s a shot of my Trixie:



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