Exceptionally ugly rape cases and other links.

Well that’s horrifying: police pressure a woman to report a rape, then charge her for making a false accusation (the most terrifying thing in the world for some men). Among the many appalling details, the story mentions that the alleged rapist illegally videotaped (given the victim’s age) the encounter, but not only did the cops not charge him, when they couldn’t find the scene in the camera, they turned it over to the accused to find the images (because it’s not like he’d have incentive to fudge or doctor it, is it?).

This story about an immigrant worker raped by her employer isn’t any more cheerful.

•And here’s another cheery one: a reporter describes how despite all the negative stories in the news about cops, she was delighted to watch a cop take some time to play with a few kids. Cops and supporters freaked out and not in a good way.

•Some car dealerships ban customers who don’t give the staff good ratings on the after-visit survey. And here’s a weight-loss company that tries using fines and lawsuits to stop negative reviews.

•You’ve probably heard House Speaker John Boehner is leaving. So inevitably we get the “Obama doesn’t stand up to the left just like Boehner doesn’t stand up to the right” articles explaining that Republicans would love to work with Obama if he wasn’t kissing ass to the extremists in his party. And these Repubs would be whom? Megan McArdle has a better post than I expect from her arguing that being too extreme doesn’t automatically skew negotiations in your favor


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