Some brief political links

The TSA claims its luggage locks provide great security. They don’t.

•The blogger Hilzoy once wrote that fantasizing enemies to crusade against is a great way to make us feel morally superior without actually improving our morals. Slacktivist applies that to fears of Satanists.

•How much more information will Facebook be able to sell in the future?

•The president of the New York police union has informed us that non-cops are not qualified to judge police actions.

•Remember the outrage when it was Bush II’s White House that was engaging in illegal e-mail practices? Digby doesn’t either.

•Digby speculates Scott Walker’s new tough talk on unions is to impress anti-union right-wing casino mogul Sheldon Adelstein.

•Some Democrats still fantasize that if the party drops abortion rights,it can win over right-wing Christians. I agree with this post that says, no way (and compromising on rights is not a good thing in any case).

•An AT&T employee says (anonymously) the company does very little about customer service reps who lie.


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