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About a column by Dick Cheney explaining Obama’s deal with Iran is both wimpy (appeasement! Just like Chamberlain!) and a betrayal of America’s glorious past of heroically overthrowing evil governments everywhere.

While I didn’t get into this in my own piece, it reads like something very much cobbled together to hit the Republican talking points as we move into the pre-presidential election phase. Cheney says specifically that ” Just as one president has left a path of destruction in his wake, one president can rescue us. The right person in the Oval Office can restore America’s strength and alliances, defeat our enemies, and keep us safe. It won’t be easy.” Guess what, the president who left a path of destruction wasn’t W.

The points? Let’s see:

•Iran nuclear deal is bad.

•America has to be so strong and scary that nobody in the world can possibly threaten us. And of course that doesn’t make Cheney a coward desperate for protection from the nanny security state, it makes him strong! Obama, the wuss, is the coward!

•Obama is a wimp who doesn’t support our military, doesn’t spend enough on our military and doesn’t attack enough people. This is a perennial for Repubs (Gingrich once described decorated combat veteran George McGovern (1972 Dem candidate as a wimp) whose image is based on them being the only ones who can protect America, strong, brave and fearless, in contrast to pacifist Democrats. George W. Bush, the guy who ducked the draft and blew off his national guard service was a Real Man, in contrast to combat veteran John Kerry (Bush’s opponent in ’04) who became the cowardly anti-war wimp.

I’m honestly not sure this resonates with younger voters who don’t remember Vietnam and the hawk/dove conflicts it spawned. But I know it’s a big hit with a lot of the older Repub core voters.

•America has a glorious history of promoting freedom! We must teach American children about all the great things we’ve done … and apparently none of the bad ones. Which fits in with longstanding efforts to make history classes more “patriotic.”

•Obama is totally un-American.

As I note in my column, it’s absurd that anyone’s even listening to the pro-torture vice president whose support for invading Iraq led to a disastrous war we didn’t have to fight, to destroy WMDs that didn’t exist. But as I’ve written before, there’s nothing “experts” can say that’ll make people see the emperor has no clothes. Though admittedly I wouldn’t particularly want to see Cheney with no clothes …


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