I had the hours but not the output (#SFWApro)

bluebeetle20Which has me feeling kind of like Blue Beetle to the left (cover by Chris Wozniak, all rights to current holder), except without the heroic last-minute escape.

The week started to lose steam Tuesday. I was doing some planning and idea generating, only the dogs suddenly entered the needy Pleeeeeze Play With Us Mode. And I caved. That’s the trouble with planning/generating, it doesn’t demand attention the way actually writing something does, so it’s easy to get distracted (although as I’ve mentioned before, I seem much better at ignoring non-dog distractions).

Wednesday was all about watching time travel films, so it went smoothly enough. But Tuesday we had the home inspector in—not that we’re planning on selling, but TYG thought we should have a check up to see if anything’s falling apart yet. The result: nothing serious, but some stuff, mostly minor, could use fixing. On the plus side, some siding done by a rather skeevy contractor (disappeared after taking money for a separate job in advance—which is why you never pay contractors in advance!!!!) is in good shape. I’d been worried his work sucked.

But that was three hours out of my day, and it’s the day I normally get maximum concentration because the puppies are in doggie day care. I didn’t want to have to stop and start work while he was here, so I settled for research (a book I’m reading on seventies radical as a background for Southern Discomfort). Normally I don’t count research reading as part of my writing time because it’s too easy for it to take up productive time (this is a substantial book) but it seemed better than twiddling my thumbs).

Then various schedule conflicts kept us up late last night, so I was up late this morning, and then I needed to handle TYG’s morning puppy-walk … so it got off to a poor start. The end result was that I wasn’t really focused and all I could seem to make a go of was working on the text of Time Travel on Screen. Which needs doing but so do a lot of other things.

I did get some work done on Southern Discomforts but not much of that. And nothing of the marketing or soliciting new jobs I’m supposed to be doing. So I did not cover myself with glory … however, sooner or later, a bad week is bound to happen. I’ll just have to work to avoid having another one any time soon.


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