Odds and Ends (#SFWApro)

Why don’t the Irish speak Irish?

•The first discovery of a warm-blooded fish.

•A Jacobin article points out that we’ve always processed food — grains, for instance, aren’t digestible without processing. The author, Rachel Laudin, argues that a sharp division between processed food and “authentic” traditional food isn’t possible. The articlwe is good, though this post from another site questions Laudin’s assumption that water in medieval times was uniformly lethal to drink (not referencing her specifically but the general myth).

•If you think the trip home is faster than the trip out, you’re not alone.

•How do you define a jerk?

•Exoskeletons have been a coming thing since the late 1960s. This article says it’s finally going to happen.

•Someone once defined a cult book as “you will never make a dime off it, but someone will read your work every day from now until the heat death of the universe.” Here are some examples.

•A 50-year-old prediction that the winner of the 2016 election will have a beard.

•And to round out the post, a neat cover by Don Ivan Punchatz (all rights to current holder).



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