Political links for late in the evening (Well, late for me)

A new Republican worry: Poor people might poison their children with lead to make it look like their landlord didn’t get rid of lead paint and collect a fat settlement! Of course they have no proof this has ever happened but isn’t the possibility grounds to ease up on lead poisoning?

•Yale University’s endowment gives more to hedge-fund managers than to students.

•The fourteenth amendment says anyone born in the US is a US citizen. Republican would like to change that. And apparently some birthers think even some Repub candidates for president are not natural born citizens. The birther interviewed at the link insists they are but Obama’s still an open question. My favorite quote: “If his mother had been a non-American citizen and his father had been a Kenyan, and neither had any allegiance to the United States, which in fact neither of them really did, he would not have been eligible no matter where he was born.” Yes, and if he’d been born on Krypton, he’d have heat vision, but he wasn’t, so what’s your point?

•A more thoughtful analysis of what the fourteenth amendment means.

•Prostitutes, one men’s rights activist argues, are parasites who prey upon helpless lonely men!

•Digby looks at mass violence around the world and discovers it doesn’t follow any neat pattern like Nazis or Communists or colonialists being to blame for all of it.

•Even without drones, the government is watching us from the air.

•Stop the mentally ill or abusive spouses from owning guns? The NRA stands up against the threat! More freaking out here.



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2 responses to “Political links for late in the evening (Well, late for me)

  1. Your link to “natural born citizens” article takes me to an interesting article about kale . . .

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