A time trap: Brief moments (#SFWApro)

atom3So today was my day without the pups (doggie day care!) and while I got a lot done, it wasn’t quite as focused as usual. Which I think is because little lost moments can add up to a big time trap (cover by Gil Kane and Murphy Anderson, all rights with current holder).

Specifically, the little interstitial moments, like when I came down this morning because I figured we’d be driving the dogs in within a couple of moments. Only it turned out to be a few minutes longer, and I spent it all playing with the dogs. And then when we got back, it was so close to my morning snack break that I figured hey, I’ll just take the break early … but it ended at the same time as usual.

I’m not obsessive about nailing down every single minute or using all time for maximum effectiveness but those little delays and pauses really do add up. Particularly when they involve someone else: if TYG and I are going somewhere and her IT stuff takes a quarter hour extra, I won’t usually try to use that little time for work. Or if a tradesman’s on the way, I may put aside starting on anything that requires concentration, as I know I’ll have to stop in a few minutes. Depending on how many interruptions and interactions I have during the day, all those little waiting periods can add up.

One solution, which I used a little of this morning, is to do research or check email—not ideal in terms of getting writing done, but productive at least. Another is to gird up my loins and just work right up and until the last minute. Alternatively, if I have the time to spare, I can just roll with it. One reason I keep a large pile of reading material in the living room (as we do most of our reading in bed, I used to just leave it on the bedside table) so that I can read for fun even if nothing else.

In any case, I got enough done that I don’t feel bad about it. But it is a weakness I have to watch for, particularly with several contractor appointments and errands approaching in the next couple of weeks.


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