The week and the month (#SFWApro)

I fully expected my work week to sink into a quagmire, so I’m delighted it didn’t.

The quagmire started Monday when we had to take time out to run Plush Dog in for a possible eye problem (nope, he’s fine!). Then that night I had the kind of horrible sleeplessness that left my mind in a murky mess Tuesday. The kind where when I research information for my Demand Media articles, the research sounds like it was written by the Muppets’ Swedish Chef 1991+Swedish+Chef(“Taxsky is ordgy flordgy, deducty.” [all rights to image with current holder]).

I also had to back out of hanging out after the writer’s group that night because I was so wiped out by then.

Thursday I bogged down because I didn’t get to take the dogs in for doggie day care. The canine flu has reached this area and while Plushie got his vaccine on Monday, Trixie won’t have any until tomorrow (it’s not a perfect fit for the current form of the virus, but it’s recommended for dogs that mingle with other dogs). No question, that was the safe thing to do, even if having the dogs all Thursday did prove distracting.

Still, despite the obstacles, it turned out productive:

•I sent off one article query, though it came back no almost immediately (sigh).

•I got my quota of Demand Media work, plus my quota of movies for the time-travel book (and some time-travel TV too).

•I finally got a finish I liked for “The Stage is a World,” which I’ve been trying to do for a while. The jar I needed turned out to be switching from third person to first (which was prompted in part by reading “Four Ghosts in Hamlet” as described at the link). Suddenly I saw how it could end, and how I didn’t have to explain too much … I’m not sure this is the right ending, but I’ll throw it out to the writing group and see what they think.

For the month I only made 54 percent of my goals. Part of that is because I was more ambitious than the past couple of months, part of it the sweltering heat: bicycling and going to the dog park weren’t really options (plus, canine flu). So I don’t feel too bad, but I hope to do better in August.


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