Things that make my schedule easier (#SFWApro)

Working on a film book, because even when I’m as exhausted as I am today, I can still watch movies.

Starting work at 7 a.m. I used to be dead set on 6:30 (up at 5 AM, 90 minutes for breakfast, stretching, email)to get the most out of the day, but having the extra 30 minutes makes me more relaxed about waking up late and going to bed late. And we often do go to bed later, depending when we walk the puppies.

iCal because I can readjust my schedule when things change without descending into illegible scribbles and crossovers.

Spreading out the bits of down time (walkies, dog training, voice exercises, food, exercise) through the day so I get built-in breaks.

All of which may or may not work for anyone else because time management is an extremely personal and subjective thing. What matters is that managing our schedules doesn’t turn into a struggle against time if we can help it (and saying so thereby justifies the Gil Kane cover below. All rights with current holder).



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