Assorted political links

I’m not actually surprised that a North Florida post office would have a mural up celebrating the KKK … painted in 2001. The painter explains (surprise!) that he’s a proud realist who refuses to bow to the “special interest segment” of society by denying the KKK’s role in protecting people from violence.

•A Papa John’s franchisee has been convicted of wage theft. He faces 60 days in jail and a few hundred thousand dollars in fines.

•Cops force their way into a woman’s house, manhandle her and inform her she’s in the wrong “because you’re not the one in charge. I don’t care if this is your house.”

•In the wake of new companies such as Uber and Lyft manned by independent contractors (or so the companies say), the DoL tries to define the employee/independent contractor boundary. California says Uber isn’t providing enough information to the state about its operations.

•Comcast has had an agreement to provide discounts to the elderly in St. Paul for more than a decade. But the service staff have never heard about it.

•Paul Krugman argues you can blame a lot of our financial woes on Ronald Reagan’s policies.

•Wisconsin has cut $250 million from education, but it’s putting the money to use financing sports arenas.

•David Frum suggests that now that we have an agreement with Iran, the next president should renege on it.

•It’s easy to write lies if your audience doesn’t care about truth.


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