A week with a few surprises (#SFWApro)

detective332As I mentioned last week, I expected a shortage of Demand Media work for a while, so I structured my schedule around that assumption (lots of stuff for them up front, then move on to other things). This week I learned I’d misinterpreted: they’re not only going strong, they’ve upped the pay rate (huzzah!), so I felt free to start doing other things as well.

I watched my time-travel movie quota (and quite a bit of TV, to boot).

I put in a couple of hours on rewriting Impossible Takes a Little Longer. I really want to have that done—and the changes don’t have to be heavy—so I’m not trying to balance that and Southern Discomfort after this month.

I finished tweaking the short story End of the World on the Cutting Room Floor, only I’m not sure I like the tweaks. However I kept the original so I’ll decide which one I send off next week.

I did a lot of reading on query letters, preparatory to pitching a couple of magazines next week.

Next week will be close to my usual mix of Demand, fiction and time-travel though with a little more marketing worked in.

A satisfactory 40 hour week, though I think I’m getting too soft when it comes to the pups. I need to remind myself that they aren’t desperately in need of comfort just because they look up at me for petting every five minutes.

(Cover by Carmine Infantino, all rights to current holder).


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