Thursday (#SFWApro)

Woke up early due to Plushie puking (he’s fine, dogs just do that now and again). He pukes loud.

Couldn’t get back to sleep so I started morning prep, got some Demand Media done, then we took the dogs in to doggie day care.

Came back, worked on more Demand Media stuff (it looks like predictions there might be no work for a while were unduly pessimistic).

Did some exercise while watching a time-loop film, Repeaters.

Broke for lunch. Then shot-vacced the floor a lot to eliminate stuff that the pups might eat (not part of my plan, a request from TYG).


Then two hours of work fixing the opening of Impossible Takes a Little Longer.

Then made dinner (roasted curry cauliflower pita pockets).

Then pick up dogs.

And now between tiredness and a day of focused work, I’m zonked. So after this, I’m reading until bedtime.


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