You can’t say “polyamorous ticks” without saying “politics” … wait, yes you can

Three children of divorce (ages 9 to 15) resist a judge’s orders to have lunch with their dad. She threatens them, orders one child locked up and compares the oldest boy to Charles Manson.

•Jeb Bush thinks Americans need to work longer hours.

•Echidne on the prospect of a Hilary Clinton presidency.

•Federal law sets minimum standards for internships, such as employers not simply using them as free labor. An appeals court says, no, that’s fine.

•A new state lottery idea: the winner gets their student debt wiped out.

•Conservatives are still freaking out over the gay marriage decision. And here’s 81 more things that make Mike Huckabee freak out.

•A doctor in Georgia arranges for a pharmeceutical abortion after a woman miscarries, rather than surgery. But a pharmacist refuses to fill it. Here’s a more in-depth look at conscience clauses.

•One misogynist argues slut-shaming is a good thing. Another argues that feminism creates revenge porn because feminists teach women to behave like sluts and thereby makes all those photos of them in slutty poses possible.

•Jeb Bush is big on shaming unwed mothers. Because when we did that, there were no out-of-wedlock births.

This is a very old undead sexist cliche: that feminists brainwash women into slutty behavior, which will ruin their lives. Of course, feminists are simultaneously man-hating sex-hating prudes who don’t want any man to have an orgasm ever. Neat trick to be both.

•Mobile banking can increase cyber-security risks.

•BP will pay $18.7 billion for the Gulf oil spill of a few years ago.

•The Texas attorney general argues Radio Shack should have to honor its gift cards (i.e., reimburse holders) even in bankruptcy.

•Echidne on arguments that it’s natural that women don’t write computer code.


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