Small things that please me (#SFWApro)

IMG_0457Almost from the day we moved in, we’ve had a chair sitting in front of one of the bookcases. That wasn’t an issue at the time, but gradually it’s moved further and further back until it was resting against the book case and blocking it. This has also pushed it into an increasingly poorly lit position. Which has been more of a problem since the puppies, because I usually let TYG have the couch in the evenings so she has space to cuddle with them, so I’m reading in the dimly lit chair.

So my brilliant solution, earlier this week, was to move the chair to the other side of the side table next to the couch. It’s now better illuminated and there’s more space to put things on, like books and a tea mug. Minor, but satisfying.

And with that adjustment, it’s now much easier to access the books. These are mostly media-related—film guides, theater reference work, TV episode guides and so on. It also creates a little more space in that area of the floor, which is nice.

IMG_0458Plus this was much easier than trying to say anything cogent about writing or politics. 🙂


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