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So not focused on blogging. So links!
•Four women have just completed marine infantry training for the first time. And for those who wonder, meeting the same standards as the men.
•Florida congressman Trey Radel advocates drug tests for anyone receiving food stamps and cutting off aid if they flunk. He’s just been convicted on cocaine possession. I wonder if he’d consider making his Congressional benefits and salary conditional on passing drug tests?
•If you’re an American Christian here’s a test to see if you’ve been persecuted.
•Anyone who claims Christians have been reading the Bible the way we do know “for 2,000 years” is wrong.
•There’s a lot of nostalgia for the Reagan years when supposedly everyone in DC on either side of the political gulf got along. Not so.
•Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, some Kentucky rural residents are insured for the first time ever (“I might have that colonoscopy done. My mom had colon cancer twice. I never had money to do it.”)
•There’s been a lot of debate on whether the Senate killing the filibuster for judicial nominees and executive-branch appointments is good for liberals. Here’s a persuasive argument it is.
•I’ve written before about how treating the fetus as having rights erodes the rights of women. Here’s a new twist: A pregnant woman moves out of state to start school, the father sues and a judge (overturned on appeal) declares “While (McKenna) did not ‘abduct’ the child, her appropriation of the child while in utero was irresponsible, reprehensible.”
•A federal judge just ruled that tax-free housing payments for clergy are unconstitutional. More discussion here. While I tend to think of little Jane Austen-era vicarages when this topic comes up, some megachurch pastors are getting more in tax-free housing than my salary.
•New York jailed a teenager for three years without trial. I’d say “happily” they dismissed the case and released him recently,but three years in Rikers? Not so happy.
•Author Gershon Gorenberg says Israel’s Netanyahu’s outrage at the new Iran nuclear agreement is understandable, but wrong.
•A Florida school tells a black student to cut her hair or leave.
•Some conservatives are horrified by something called the Knockout Game (in which a black kid assaults a white and knocks them cold) seeing yet more proof of a race war. One knocker-out has been charged with a hate crime (no, those laws don’t just protect minorities). NPR points out these attacks aren’t new, freaking out about them isn’t new and that they’re only a fraction of violent crimes.
•Apparently one outgrowth of the religious right’s fondness for courtship is child marriage.


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