Odds and Ends

Another linkpost, just ’cause I’m lazy.
•A company fails to deliver a mail-order product. When the customers complain, it slaps them with a $3,500 fine which goes on their credit history as an unpaid debt. The rationale? The contract says you can’t badmouth them (Consumerist at the link doubts this will hold up).
•Religious conservatives David Barton and Kenneth Copeland tell soldiers with PTSD to stop taking drugs and seeing counselors because the Bible says God is all they need. I think the term for these gentlemen is “douchebag.” Well in Barton’s case liar works well too.
•Boeing CEO Jim McNerny says we need to raise the retirement age for Social Security because retirement leaves too few people in the workforce. I presume what he means is that having the option to retire makes it easier to pass up shit wages and that’s all American business wants to pay them.
•An Iowa imam has been charged with sexual assault for feeling up a teenager he was counseling. He claims it was a religious service so First Amendment! end of story.
•Republicans won’t let Obama appoint any judges if they can help it.
•Here’s to companies that don’t require workers to show up on Thanksgiving.
•Digby links to and discusses a piece by Rick Perlstein arguing that the Tea Party isn’t that different from the right-wings of the past. LGM weighs in too.
•The Atlanta Braves are getting a new (heavily taxpayer supported stadium) in Cobb County. But Cobb County is very, very, very concerned that it might bring people to Cobb County from Atlanta. But I’m sure they don’t mean “black people” because we’re a post-racial society now. A local reporter suggests this is why Atlanta doesn’t have more regional mass transit.
•Earlier this week, I mentioned Richard Cohen’s column where he says that gagging at the sight of interracial couples is a conventional reaction. One Slate columnist argues Cohen is trying to distinguish the tea party from the real racists, but as LGM points out, saying “they’re not racist, they’re just disgusted by interracial marriage” isn’t really an improvement. Salon guts Cohen’s defense (he’s really, really hurt by being called a racist!).
•Now for something cheerful: Congressional democrats have proposed a bill that would pre-empt state restrictions on abortion. Not much chance of passage, but it’s good to see them stand up for this.



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