Writing Links (and reading)

A look at Batman co-creator Bill Finger’s last work, on the Batman TV show.
•If you’re writing something set in the 19th century, it’s not anachronistic to have people complain about tipping.
•Suggestions for building followship on Twitter.
•Edmund Burke is often quoted as saying the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. He never said it (though it’s still a great sentiment). Corey Robin looks at the challenge of nailing down quotes.
•The wicked Cozy Authors discuss how far they’re willing to go for accuracy.
•Apple still fighting the price-fixing lawsuit over ebooks.
•A couple of posts arguing that “it’s not realistic” shouldn’t be the be-all and end-all. It’s a good point—with exceptions (movies based on true accounts), realism is a valid concern, but it’s not the only standard. As I’ve pointed out in a couple of book and movie reviews, if I spot something subtle that as a reporter or writer I know is ridiculous, or a historian spots a flaw in something he reads, does that make it a bad work? I’d say not necessarily. A lot depends on how bad the flaw is and how significant. Plus, of course, you can get serious debate about what’s realistic in Situation X.


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